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1228Re: High density tree planting

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  • Sean Phelan
    Oct 3, 2002
      > I live in a "quick return" culture that more and more
      > jars at my sensibilities. For someone who wants to harvest a bunch
      > of fruit from a small space starting in six to eight years (an eternity
      > to most Americans I think) this technique would probably work.


      Although I agree that "quick return" and "instant America" are not good things, there are other pressures and reasons to hurry.

      6-8 years is an eternity for your own fruit, when you look at it from another perspective:
      1) We're eating fruits loaded with pesticides . 6 years is a long time to poison yourself
      2) We're eating organic fruits from 1000's of miles away. That's a lot of pollution and gas consumption, just to get the fruits to your fridge.

      3) Either way, we're encouraging the loss of biodiversity that inevitably comes with large-scale agriculture.

      Personally, I'd rather deal with the "unnatural" of doing some pruning, than the "even-more-unnatural" stated above.

      Where I live in Florida, organic apples come from NY(1200 miles away) and organic "anything-else" comes from California (3000 miles away)
      Even organic citrus comes from California (think about that one ... Florida imports organic oranges from California)

      I'll be happy to prune a bit to stop that, but I'd probably just snip of a little branch every few weeks, instead of some huge pruning once a year.

      You have to figure that even in Nature, a tree can lose a branch or two from an animal running through or a deer coming to browse.


      Sean Phelan
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