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  • Harish Amur
    May 30, 2011
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      Thank you, Linda. The amazing part is that ours is not a dry land. We have
      monsoon that brings enough water to keep the land wet from June to Jan. I am
      in deep wonder as to what they do in the rainy season. Further, we have
      sighted earthworms in some parts of the farm.

      Here are some pictures of these tireless workers!


      On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 6:01 AM, Linda Shewan <linda_shewan@...>wrote:

      > In dry areas ants play the part of earthworms creating tunnels throughout
      > the soil that moisture can trickle into. So definitely beneficial!
      > See this article re: dryland farming
      > http://www.ausfoodnews.com.au/2011/04/05/csiro-ants-and-termites-boost-wheat
      > -crops.html
      > Cheers, Linda
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      > Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Jowar mulching & a few questions
      > Please see some pictures of our experiment with Jowar mulching
      > https://picasaweb.google.com/102576450887783733401/JowarMulching?authkey=Gv1
      > sRgCMGlpMTW1ICeXw
      > <
      > https://picasaweb.google.com/102576450887783733401/JowarMulching?authkey=Gv
      > 1sRgCMGlpMTW1ICeXw&feat=directlink> &feat=directlink
      > A few questions:
      > 1. What do we do with the weed? It has to be manually cut. Personally, I
      > would not even cut it, let it be. The corn crop will be harvested
      > soon(?)(May be we grew corn in a wrong season (Feb - June)) Once the corn
      > crop is harvested, the corn stems will be cut and provide for mulching.
      > 2. Can we use a stone roller on the weeds, so that they serve as mulching.
      > If we leave them to grow, they may outgrow the sugar cane crop :) These
      > weeds also have thorns, so I am advised by local farmers to treat them when
      > they are tender.
      > 3. What do you do for seeds? I have been having a tough time finding local
      > seeds. Of course, Annadana - Auroville is a great help, but they provide
      > mostly vegetable seeds. Green foundation in Karnataka is another option, I
      > have approached them. However I am yet to get the seeds.
      > 4. Are ants a good thing for the farm? We have a lots of big black ants and
      > they seem to be doing something to the soil. From what I have seen, they
      > seem to be cultivating the soil. The processed soil is almost like fine
      > dust, with larger granules, slightly bigger than sand granules. Of course,
      > this is in the drier parts of the farm(not enough mulch to cover all the
      > area yet). I did not want to disturb the mulch to check ants' activity.
      > Your thoughts will definitely help me!
      > Regards,
      > Harish
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