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  • Wendy
    Oct 1, 2002
      hello again,
      Larry did you realize that there is another yahoo group called
      NaturalFarming in India, which also looks toward Fukuoka's work. It looks
      as though there are only 13 members. Perhaps we should combine.

      With due respect to Fukuoka, let's not forget that many of these ideas are
      not new and go way back in time.

      thanks and peace,
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      From: "Larry Haftl" <larry@...>
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      Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 12:24 PM
      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Archives and website

      > Hello all,
      > In my last message I made a comment about not having to search the
      > entire archives for recommended links, then I thought, "What the
      > heck, it's raining, why not...". So for the next several hours I
      > went back and read through the entire archives. My intention was
      > to pull out the links and also to gather those messages that had
      > useful information which should be posted on the website in some
      > way. I did that and have already added the seed sources to the links
      > page on the website, but something else happened as I read through
      > the messages...
      > I began reading the messages backward in time, and as I did I began
      > to see see some of the participants more clearly. I noticed how some
      > people would pop up once or twice and then never be heard from again,
      > while others would continue to actively participate. Some people
      > would ask questions, never get an answer, and then never be heard
      > from again. Others would actively participate and then all of a sudden
      > disappear. Bargyla Ratever, if you are still with us, please say
      > hello. Bargyl is 85 or 86 years old and when I saw that her information-
      > rich posts stopped I began to worry that something might have happened
      > to her. There are a few others who also seem to have gone into hibernation
      > (or maybe just got out of the house in the good weather?) that were
      > very active early on.
      > We keep asking about who is trying to use Fukuoka's method. When
      > you read the archives you see that several people all over the world
      > have said that they are doing/starting to do it, and then you never
      > hear from them again. If you are still here then say hello and let
      > us know what is happening.
      > I also became aware of how fragile the information exchange in this
      > medium is. In my experiment I started with New Zealand white clover
      > as a cover crop hoping it would overcome the grasses and weeds. It
      > didn't. There was a brief message from Emilia (whom I'm developing
      > a deep respect for) telling me that it wouldn't and suggesting other
      > plants that would. Did I listen? No. Did I even hear her? I vaguely
      > remembered the message but it didn't sink in at the time.
      > As I read the messages I realized that there is an enormous amount
      > of incredibly useful but randomly scattered and almost hidden/forgotten
      > information in that archive. It really needs to see the light of
      > day that the website can provide. On a personal note, many years
      > ago before there was an internet I posted a recipe for Lemon Grass
      > Chicken in a newsgroup on a local bulletin board (the old FIDOnet).
      > That recipe still lives and is bouncing around in cyberspace because
      > someone went back to those messages, extracted the recipe along with
      > others, and put them in a searchable website archive. I also once
      > made a crack about "non-belief in religion constitutes a religion
      > about as much as non-belief in UFOs constitutes a space program".
      > It too lives on. Weird...
      > Anyway, reading the entire archive in one sitting (yes, I was up
      > until 3 o'clock this morning) reinforced my belief that the many
      > gems of useful information buried in the archive needs to see the
      > light of day. Since the rain looks like it is going to continue for
      > some time that is what I'll try to do. I'll keep you posted and probably
      > ask for suggestions on how to organize and format it all as I go.
      > And about the links... I prefer to have annotated links so that people
      > will get some idea of what the link leads to before they make the
      > jump. If any of you think my annotations on the links that are up
      > already needs to be changed please say so. I promise it won't hurt
      > my feelings.
      > That's it for now.
      > Larry Haftl
      > larry@...
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