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  • Wendy
    Oct 1, 2002
      Hi Larry,
      I haven't checked in for a bit, but wanted to say thanks so much for doing
      all this.

      peace, Wendy B.

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      Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 12:24 PM
      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Archives and website

      > Hello all,
      > In my last message I made a comment about not having to search the
      > entire archives for recommended links, then I thought, "What the
      > heck, it's raining, why not...". So for the next several hours I
      > went back and read through the entire archives. My intention was
      > to pull out the links and also to gather those messages that had
      > useful information which should be posted on the website in some
      > way. I did that and have already added the seed sources to the links
      > page on the website, but something else happened as I read through
      > the messages...
      > I began reading the messages backward in time, and as I did I began
      > to see see some of the participants more clearly. I noticed how some
      > people would pop up once or twice and then never be heard from again,
      > while others would continue to actively participate. Some people
      > would ask questions, never get an answer, and then never be heard
      > from again. Others would actively participate and then all of a sudden
      > disappear. Bargyla Ratever, if you are still with us, please say
      > hello. Bargyl is 85 or 86 years old and when I saw that her information-
      > rich posts stopped I began to worry that something might have happened
      > to her. There are a few others who also seem to have gone into hibernation
      > (or maybe just got out of the house in the good weather?) that were
      > very active early on.
      > We keep asking about who is trying to use Fukuoka's method. When
      > you read the archives you see that several people all over the world
      > have said that they are doing/starting to do it, and then you never
      > hear from them again. If you are still here then say hello and let
      > us know what is happening.
      > I also became aware of how fragile the information exchange in this
      > medium is. In my experiment I started with New Zealand white clover
      > as a cover crop hoping it would overcome the grasses and weeds. It
      > didn't. There was a brief message from Emilia (whom I'm developing
      > a deep respect for) telling me that it wouldn't and suggesting other
      > plants that would. Did I listen? No. Did I even hear her? I vaguely
      > remembered the message but it didn't sink in at the time.
      > As I read the messages I realized that there is an enormous amount
      > of incredibly useful but randomly scattered and almost hidden/forgotten
      > information in that archive. It really needs to see the light of
      > day that the website can provide. On a personal note, many years
      > ago before there was an internet I posted a recipe for Lemon Grass
      > Chicken in a newsgroup on a local bulletin board (the old FIDOnet).
      > That recipe still lives and is bouncing around in cyberspace because
      > someone went back to those messages, extracted the recipe along with
      > others, and put them in a searchable website archive. I also once
      > made a crack about "non-belief in religion constitutes a religion
      > about as much as non-belief in UFOs constitutes a space program".
      > It too lives on. Weird...
      > Anyway, reading the entire archive in one sitting (yes, I was up
      > until 3 o'clock this morning) reinforced my belief that the many
      > gems of useful information buried in the archive needs to see the
      > light of day. Since the rain looks like it is going to continue for
      > some time that is what I'll try to do. I'll keep you posted and probably
      > ask for suggestions on how to organize and format it all as I go.
      > And about the links... I prefer to have annotated links so that people
      > will get some idea of what the link leads to before they make the
      > jump. If any of you think my annotations on the links that are up
      > already needs to be changed please say so. I promise it won't hurt
      > my feelings.
      > That's it for now.
      > Larry Haftl
      > larry@...
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