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11045Natural farming in Mayotte

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  • bessonnier sébastien
    Sep 15, 2010
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      I am starting natural farming and organic farming experimentation in Mayotte.
      I arrive in this magical island two months ago to work in a public french
      research institution and after a little time of observation, adaptation,
      speaking, listening and understanding, I succeed to convince the local coworkers
      of our station to stop using chemicals.
      So for the moment, I have found natural insecticide plant growing there
      (tephrosia and derris).
      I found local and traditional varieties of rice (currently disappearing because
      of thai rice importation)
      We have also local varities of cassava, banana and traditional cucurbittae
      So, because we are 6 persons working on the field there, I am so happy to have
      tools, man hand to make almost what I have in mind...

      I am totally interesting bu Fukuoka senseï work as soon as I discover it in
      Auroville (India) and visited his farm in Shikoku (but he was died the year
      before the same day of my birthday), the ruins of his little house and camp for
      his student on the hill and I also on his grave... a wondeful trip...

      All of this to say that I started also the clay bullet seeds and direct
      implantation of vegetable on grass. I study also grass and green cover (we have
      purpueria also know as kudzu in japan).

      So if you don't mind I will try to give some news and picture of my
      experimentation and you are free of any consideration, critical, advices or
      other speak as you want on this subject of natural farming in mayotte

      Thanks to share,

      Sébastien, french plant lover

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