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10874Re: [fukuoka_farming] rats, mols and orabanchaceae

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  • Yugandhar S
    Aug 4 9:54 PM
      Dear Inci,
      I do not have any practical experience, but this seems to be a case of
      'lack of natural predators'. So, you need to create home for the predators,
      like different canopies of trees, to host owls etc. Sumant's solution is
      also apt and may serve your needs immediately but the long term solution is
      to grow the right mix of trees.
      The orabanchaceae is a parasitic plant family as per wikipedia. Did
      fukuoka san mention about handling parasites anywhere? Will mulching help in
      this case? Just a guess.

      Best Regards

      On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 6:50 PM, İnci Gökmen <igokmen@...> wrote:

      > Hi
      > we are doing organic vegetable production in Turkey, near Ankara.
      > May be because of global warming we have all kinds of problems in the
      > field:
      > too many rats, and mols, which harm the roots of the plants badly.
      > Also there is one kind of orabanchaceae in the garden which compete for
      > water
      > with the plant. They both die at the end. We are picking them by hand but
      > thet are growing
      > so rapidli!!
      > we will be very glad if there are any suggestions which could be applied
      > safely
      > thanks
      > inci gokmen
      > >
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