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108RE: [fukuoka_farming] fukuoka's agronomical reform

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  • Rex Teague
    Dec 3, 2001
      On 3 Dec 01, souscayrous wrote:


      > I would also like to do away with grafting trees onto rootstocks,
      > however, as this discussion is showing this is not necessarily as
      > easy as scattering apple seed (or any fruit or nut seed?). Any
      > thoughts on how to establish a viable and vital (economically and
      > healthy - the fruit must be of a quality to sell) diverse fruit and
      > nut orchard without using F1 hybrids or rootstocks?

      Some clues at http://members.tripod.co.uk/orft. There was a
      discussion of potential difficulties on the <alt.permaculture>
      newsgroup... do a Google hunt, I can't remember the details. Phil
      Corbett of the above website participates there and is an obliging
      chap... contact him. 8<)

      Cheers... Rex
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