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10798Re: [fukuoka_farming] Natural Farming Center of Greece

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  • Dimitris
    Jul 2, 2010
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      Hi Leonora. You are welcome to come and stay at the Natural Farming
      Center with Panos for as long as you like. We accept volunteers from
      April 15 until September 15 so any time between those dates are fine.
      Just let us know when you want to come. This year we are not having an
      official international meeting. We are going to get together and make
      clay-balls for reforestation projects and for farms. If you are
      interested in Natural Farming, Panos is a great person to learn from.
      He knows a lot.

      We have a place that holds up to 4 volunteers where you can stay.
      Depending on how many volunteers we have at the time, there is also the
      option on staying in a tent with a sleeping bag. You don't have to
      worry about food.

      I will talk to Panos about doing a simultaneous seeding in Slovenia as
      well. I don't know how it will work out, as most of us will be in South
      America, but if you come at the center and learn how to make clay-balls,
      you could organize it in Slovenia. It is not very hard to make
      clay-balls. Once you learn the technique, you will see it is very easy.

      Panos phone number is +30 23810-27312. You can contact him from
      7:00am-9:00am or from 7:00pm-9:00pm if you like.
      Let me know when you know the dates you want to come. It would be best
      if you are coming by airplane to come to Thessaloniki and from there to
      take the train to Edessa. Panos can pick you up from Edessa. His farm
      is just minutes from Edessa in Klisohori, a small village. You can also
      visit our web site at www.naturalfarming.eu for more information and to
      view pictures.

      Thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon

      Leonora Jakovljevic wrote:
      > Dear Dimitris.
      > My name is Leonora. I come from Slovenia.
      > My interest for NF was born last year during the workshop on Synergic
      > Garden
      > in Calabria which was directed by Antonio de Falco, Emilia Hazelip
      > student.
      > On this workshop was mentioned also Panos Manikis as a Fukuoka's
      > student and his acquaintance.
      > I'm more and more in NF and Permaculture until then. I become an
      > active
      > volunteer of non profit Slovenian organization for education on
      > ecological producing food two month ago.
      > Few weeks ago I decided to contact Panos to learn more about his way
      > of NF method and what a coincidence you showed up. I'm also interested
      > to take a part
      > in Panos project (Simultaneous Seeding) or if would be possible to
      > organize a small group
      > for simultaneous seeding 2011 in Slovenia.
      > I would like to come to visit, to work, to practise,... NF on Panos
      > farm this summer.
      > I was thinking to come onset of August and to stay for international
      > meeting from 15-30 of August.
      > Do you think it would be practicable?
      > Should I call and ask Panos directly?
      > Looking forward hearing from you,
      > leonora
      > ,_._,___
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