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10774Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Natural Farming Center of Greece

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  • Dimitris
    Jun 8, 2010
      It would be great to see you Pietro and you are definitely welcome. You
      can visit Panos Manikis' natural farming center in Northern Greece, near
      Edessa if you wish and speak with him. It would give you great insight
      on how natural farming works. Panos was a student of Fukuoka and worked
      with him in many reforestation projects around the world for many
      years. If you have specific dates in mind, let me know, so I can let
      him know when you are coming, to make sure he will be there. Also you
      should know that we are holding our international meeting from 15-30th
      of August there, in the natural farming center, where people from all
      over the world meet and learn how to make clay balls for farms and for
      reforestations and have discussions.

      It may be better for you, if you come before July 4th, to come to
      Thessaloniki airport, since Edessa is very close to there. Otherwise
      you may have to take the train from Athens to Edessa which is about 6-7
      hours ride.

      Anyway, you don't need to make special arrangements. Panos is very open
      and wants to pass on the information about natural farming. He doesn't
      ever get paid for it. It is too important for him to make money out of
      it. If you have a tent and a sleeping bag that would help, but we can
      make arrangements for that as well. I am not sure what the available
      space will be at the time, since many people tend to visit the center
      and some times the only way to accommodate is putting up a tent. If
      there is space you can stay at the house, but that is not always
      available. The weather will be hot at the time so sleeping outside is
      not a problem.

      Let me know if you have any other questions of if you need anything.

      Pietro wrote:
      > Dear Dimitris,
      > All that you are writing is very interesting.
      > My name is Pietro, and I have a bit of land (half an hectare) in
      > Portugal, where I would like to plant using fukuoka's method. I am
      > already doing some tests with some seed balls made with a Cement
      > mixer. I am right now in Italy, and will come to Greece this summer in
      > July. I have a workshop in July in Crete starting from the 5th (I
      > might need to be there from the 4th). Maybe I could come to Greece a
      > few days before and visit the community. Would that be possible? In
      > case what should I do to make sure I am welcome there?
      > Cheers,
      > Pietro
      > __
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