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10773Re: Natural Farming Center of Greece

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  • Pietro
    Jun 7, 2010
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      Dear Dimitris,
      All that you are writing is very interesting.

      My name is Pietro, and I have a bit of land (half an hectare) in Portugal, where I would like to plant using fukuoka's method. I am already doing some tests with some seed balls made with a Cement mixer. I am right now in Italy, and will come to Greece this summer in July. I have a workshop in July in Crete starting from the 5th (I might need to be there from the 4th). Maybe I could come to Greece a few days before and visit the community. Would that be possible? In case what should I do to make sure I am welcome there?


      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, Dimitris <shinos@...> wrote:
      > Hi Vargan, you can find many of Fukuoka's books online in English. Our
      > website also has an English version where you can find some info.
      > naturalfarming.eu It is the web site for Panos Manikis natural farming
      > center in Greece.
      > Panos has planted most things on his farm with seed balls. He has also
      > planted trees directly as well, but he has mainly used seedballs to
      > plant what he has on his farm. The trees, will do fine growing together
      > with grasses and other plants. They actually help the trees in the
      > first few years, as they protect them from the sun and the cold and they
      > accumulate moisture from which they get watered. When you plant with
      > seed balls, you have to cut the grass in place after, so that the new
      > plants can have a chance to compete with the already established plants.
      > In our reforestation projects, we mix seeds from forest trees with
      > grasses, bushes and other plants. We sometimes use a mixture of 30-40
      > different seeds in our seed balls. That way we create diversity and we
      > allow nature to choose what grows where. The trees usually take about a
      > year before they spring. Meanwhile various grasses, bushes and other
      > plants have already come up to stop any erosion and to cover the barren
      > land. By the time the trees come out, they are surrounded by grasses
      > that hide them initially from the hot sun and the cold. Trees take
      > about three years to get established, so the grasses protect them from
      > extreme climates until their roots grow enough to be self sufficient.
      > Now I don't know what kind of grasses you have in the land you are
      > talking about. Some grasses are very invasive so if you want to minimize
      > them, you have to cut the grasses 2-3 times during the year before you
      > sow seedballs, to weaken them. It all depends on what kind of grasses
      > they are. If they are wild burley or things like that, they are not a
      > problem. You can just sow the seed balls and then cut the grass in
      > place and they will do fine.
      > You may want to read some of Fukuoka's books if you haven't already, to
      > understand the philosophy behind the idea of seedballs. There is an
      > excellent e-library where you can get many of his books for a small
      > donation fee. You can also get them for free if you can't afford it,
      > but the guy has spent hours and hours putting this amazing library
      > together and would help with the cost. Check it out, it has an amazing
      > wealth of information from books that are not even in print anymore.
      > Anything from farming to health. I would recommend it to anyone.
      > http://www.soilandhealth.org/ (This is a free public library offering
      > full-texts of books on alternative agriculture, holistic health,
      > longevity, self-sufficient living, personal and spiritual development)
      > Hope this helps a little.
      > Regards
      > Dimitris
      > Vargan wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi, Dimitris!
      > > Very interesting. I saw videos about Panos Manikis's garden at
      > > youtube.com, and was looking any information about him and his work in
      > > English, because I do not speak Greek.
      > >
      > > Was those exellent garden at the videos planted with seed balls only???
      > >
      > > I live at the Urals in Rusia. We have enough of rain water in the
      > > summer and all waste lands are occupied with grasses. How does the
      > > seed balls method work if you throw seed balls in the dense grass? I
      > > saw panos Will the fruit tree seed srvive in competition with the grass?
      > >
      > > I'll appreciate any other information about this technology and
      > > philosophy in English.
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > Vargan,
      > > the Urals, Rusia
      > >
      > > _,___
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