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  • Raju Titus
    Mar 12, 2010
      It is quite natural for people who are strong believers of conventional
      till-based farming to get angry, when they first know about Fukuoka farming.
      I also experienced anger and disbelief when I was practicing till-based
      conventional farming and heard about Fukuoka farming for the first time. I
      questioned whether farming could ever be really done without tilling,
      without fertilizers and without pesticides. I felt that it was utter
      foolishness. And, to prove my point, I struggled harder and as a result
      incurred heavy losses. Moreover it left my lands lifeless,pushed us into
      debt and wasted five years of time.

      Nowadays, everyone thinks that the damage that is being done to agriculture
      and the environment is due to the use of chemical or inorganic fertilizers
      and by replacing them with 'organic' fertilizers one can solve all these
      problems. But, very few people know and understand that due to tilling of
      the land, tons of organic matter is washed away from the land due to rains
      every year. So, the rain water that is supposed to percolate into the ground
      just flows away thus causing famine and reduced rail fall year on year.

      Narendra Patel is a young and dynamic farmer, and one of the largest acreage
      farmer of my area. Their family is involved in conventional and scientific
      farming since decades. They have earlier tried many alternative farming
      techniques. Now, after adopting no-till based Fukuoka farming they have
      found that their input costs have reduced by 80 percent, the land gets
      better, water content in the soil increases and the food grown is natural in
      taste and quality.

      In reality, by stopping the activity of tilling the land, the flow of
      organic matter/top soil stops and by returning the crop residues in-place,
      the land becomes stronger. Many people think that the crops grown using
      organic fertilizers are healthy, and buy the 'organic food' by paying high
      price. The truth is that whether it is organic or inorganic fertilizer, only
      weak food grows on weak land. This food is never healthy. Only the food that
      grows in the wilderness or by using natural farming without any fertilizer
      input on strong land is healthy.
      (Translation by Yugandher)

      --Raju Titus

      Raju Titus. Hoshangabad.India.

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