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  • bessonnier s├ębastien
    Mar 7, 2010
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      "Somimasen" to disturb you with my request.
      I would like to ask you some advises, contact about the
      opportunity to find a job in agriculture field in Japan.

      The thing is that I discovered Japan during one month last
      It was a child dream to me and I was not disappointing at
      I got great time and adventures in your country : swimming
      with a "kame", lost in Fuji-san, fixing my indian knife by a
      "katana kaiji"...), thank you so much Japan.

      I had also the luck to work in the farm of Masato-san
      Even if the place is "just" organic now and no more natural
      The experience was great, the family and workers were
      I had also the great honor and confidence from the family
      to see the hill where lived Masanobu and his community,
      magic place and the spirit of the maser is still living

      Now, I am back to France, seeking for a job but I really
      feel "gudaranaï" because I don't find interesting staff (I
      got an engineer diploma in agriculture, environment, rural
      development). I want to have more experience in Japan and I
      would like to apply for a Working Holiday Visa.

      But for this kind of application you need a very good
      schedule trip, at least for the beginning. For me I would
      like to stay in a big city where I could have
      japanese language courses and work in low job (arubaito).

      After I would like to travel and find Natural Farming place
      of Masanobu's disciples.

      Can you help me, give me advices or contact?

      Kind regards,


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