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  • 倩 冯
    Jan 31, 2010
      Dear David,
      You are the closest person in FUKUOKA group to me.I am in Montreal now.I have just found this natrual farming for about 2 weeks and I would like to see a natural farm close to me.Can you tell me your telephone number?Mine is 1- 514-402-5049
      I would like to hear more good news about the sucess of your farms.
      Best wishes to you all ,my friends
      Qian FENG in Montreal QC.Canada.

      --- 10年2月1日,周一, David Douglas <earthworks2@...> 写道:

      发件人: David Douglas <earthworks2@...>
      收件人: fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com
      日期: 2010年2月1日,周一,上午3:50


      What a wonderful letter Raju,

      Continued success to you as you feed the people and care for the

      Peace to you my friend,
      David, in the Adirondack Mountains, NY USA

      On 1/31/10, Raju Titus <rajuktitus@gmail. com> wrote:
      > FARMING.
      > *
      > http://picasaweb. google.co. in/lh/photo/ WNKZh2Qbtp3hLII8 XyAxzQ?feat= directlink
      > .My name is Narendra Patil. I am practicing modern scientific
      > agriculture in 50 acres of my own land and another 50 acres of leased
      > land. My entire family including my mother, father and two brothers,
      > is fully occupied with the farm work throughout the year. We have all
      > modern technological agricultural tools including two tractors.
      > Initially we used to get good returns, but since the last few years we
      > are incurring losses. We kept on increasing our input costs year on
      > year in the hope of increasing yields and profits, but we got
      > increased losses in the same ratio. Since we do not have any other
      > income generating options other than agriculture we started feeling
      > insecure about our future. In this process we started searching for
      > alternative farming techniques.
      > First we tried organic farming with a complete Gobar Gas plant setup
      > (biogas plant using cow dung) as per NADEP(National Agribusiness
      > Development Program) and used the resultant compost in our farm,but we
      > got only depressing results.There is much fuss in this but the results
      > are poor and damaging. Numerous other farmers share the same fate as
      > mine. The government is breaking the back of the farmer. The increased
      > cost of living is most disastrous for the farmer and he is not getting
      > the right price for his produce in spite of heavy input costs. This is
      > resulting in ever increasing losses for the farmer. The government is
      > importing food and causing the prices to fall locally. Due to this we
      > are not getting a fair price for our produce. Secondly, our lands have
      > lost their fertility and even the usage of costly fertilizers and
      > chemicals is not giving the desired results. Cattle breeding was an
      > alternative source of income for our family and we used to cover the
      > agricultural losses with the income from cattle. But with the use of
      > tractors and chemical fertilizers, cattle breeding has become
      > impossible.
      > We have been growing paddy in rainy season, wheat in winter and mung (
      > kidney beans ) in summer. For the last two years we have continuously
      > incurred losses in all the crops. Our neighbor Sri Raju ji was an
      > advocate of modern scientific farming in early days. But after
      > experiencing the various difficulties in scientific farming he has
      > switched to no-till natural farming and is a very happy man now. We
      > started seeing the power in his way of natural farming and adopted his
      > method of no-till natural farming to grow paddy,wheat and mung in our
      > fields with Sri Raju sir's help. This is the second year of our
      > experiment with no-till natural farming and our wheat crop looks
      > better than the crop grown with chemicals and fertilizers despite the
      > fact that no chemicals or fertilizers have been used in our farm and
      > no tilling has been done at all. This is in front of your eyes to see.
      > The seeds we use are locally stored and not bought from outside. Our
      > costs have reduced by 80 percent by adopting no-till natural farming.
      > We used to spend around Rs.8 lakhs for our 50 acres of farm for
      > chemicals, fertilizers and tilling. Moreover the costs would easily go
      > up in case of weather disturbances.
      > We are sure to save around Rs.6 lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs by adopting
      > natural farming with the help of Sri Raju ji as we see the crop in our
      > fields. And we do not have fear of getting the right price for our
      > produce as we came to know that naturally grown food is commanding a
      > price of nearly 8 times to chemically grown food. So, we have made a
      > definite decision to adopt the same natural farming methods on our
      > entire farm after seeing further results. We heart fully thank Sri
      > Raju Bhai and his family for pioneering no-till natural farming
      > methods in India and for spreading this knowledge among farmers.
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      > --
      > RajuTitus India
      > +919179738049
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