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105Re: [fukuoka_farming] fukuoka's agronomical reform

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  • elisabeth denk
    Dec 3, 2001
      I have followed the recent debate about naturally grown seed and in
      particular about growing apple trees from seed. On our 2 acre
      property there are several apple trees, none of which was planted
      deliberately, nor have they ever been pruned or grafted and they are
      all very beautiful trees and produce excellent fruit on a regular
      basis. Of course it is all a matter of attitude I guess whether you
      are in favour of those "wild" apples or not, because you can't
      compare wild fruit with the one you can buy in the supermarket. That
      brings me to the point of nutrition in relation to natural
      agriculture. Isn't it true that many people nowadays seem so frail
      and prone to so many kinds of diseases and then look at what what
      they put in their mouths and how unhealthy they are in appearance and
      you wonder, is there a hope for mankind. And how can the vastly
      increasing consumption of meat of a small part of the earth's
      population ever be sustainable.?Lizzi
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