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  • Steve Grannis
    Dec 1, 2009
      To All,
      Here's a great quote from "The Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener" winter 2009. Does anyone have any information on this plant breeder? It sounds like he's on to something. Steve G
      “Food has become for me, and my wild
      agrarian plot, far more than our domesticated crops. Many of the
      so-called weeds have become my nourishment, part of my health
      necessity. In my plant breeding I’m heading into ‘uncharted terrain’ –
      ’releasing’ domesticated crops into the feral world, eventually back to
      their essence, their true authentic wild selves. This is where
      nutrition unleashed lies. I desire tough plants without a billion
      inputs from God knows where. It’s reconnecting, returning to our
      genetic connections, not attempting to supersede it. A space where our
      bodies once more feel at home and disease takes a hike. Welcome back
      wild world!” Robert Schick, plant breeder.

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