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  • Tom Gibson
    Nov 1, 2009
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      You have to remember that Fukuoka took over farm land that had been hand
      worked for centuries. He didn't create a large farm in a year or a decade,
      he worked his entire adult life to achieve his success. The biggest mistake
      that you can make is this American concept that everything you do is like
      going to Wal-Mart or Home Depot and presto bango you have something that
      looks like a completed project. Nature and natural farming doesn't work that
      way. You do what you can during the period of transition always keeping your
      principles that lead you to where you are going. If you are lucky the
      transition period will be mostly done and you will have achieved all of your
      goals, if you are starting from scratch, by the time you leave your farm to
      your children. Hopefully they will have the patience and wisdom you did when
      you started down that road. There isn't a right way or a wrong way to do
      this. There is the way that works best for you in your environment with your
      resources and capabilities. Many people give up projects like this because
      they are so hard on themselves that they never meet goals that were

      The problem with industrialized agriculture is that it treats food and
      nature as if it were a simple chemical commodity. Nature is strip mined
      until it is barren and dead. Then unsustainable circles of ever increasing
      inputs and poor quality food and a devastated nature is created. If you can
      avoid that, keep feeding the soil and your soul by appreciating what you
      have accomplished you will have accomplished much.

      You can see what is going on in our food forest
      and get more information about local food security at
      <http://camaspermaculture.blogspot.com/> Camas Permaculture

      Tom Gibson

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