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10058RE: [fukuoka_farming] Natural farming and Drought

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  • Anand Saraf
    Sep 4, 2009
      Hello Nandan & Suraj,

      Although I have been a member of this forum for some months now, this is my
      first post to the group. I have been reading the posts and find them very

      I am also in Bangalore and have been trying my hand at some farming. would
      love to meet up with you guys when you meet next.



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      This is a good idea, and there are few more additional people from different
      fields who is interested in the farming, can invite them.

      As I remember Bobby is coming in December, we can have one more meeting
      before that also.


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      When you visit Karnataka, will you be visiting Bangalore? I know its no

      "Farming" place, but a few of us recently met at Bangalore's Cubbon Park to

      share our enthusiasm, ideas, etc., about Natural Farming. If you visit us,

      it would be a good excuse for all of us to meet once again :)



      On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 8:01 AM, Robert Ray <atruefriend@ gmail.com> wrote:



      > Did you mean Andhra Prudesh? They have very little rain to start with.

      > THis month is the

      > big mont for rain ... if it doesn't happen this month the folks will

      > certainly be hurting.

      > This area and the next door Karnataka State are the two areas where I will

      > be working after

      > Christmas


      > Huggs and my best wishes to all those starving farmers,

      > Bobby Ray


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