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10046Re: [fukuoka_farming] Natural farming and Drought

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  • Arjun Rajgopal
    Sep 1, 2009
      Well, i happened to be at Rajubhai's farm in Hoshangabad (Madhya Pradesh) last week.
      Believe me; The Titus farm was the only green patch, neighbouring farms did look like a desert, water levels have gone down below 400 ft, farmers are just abandoning crops & moving to the cities for their livlihood, the state agencies together with the poison farming MNC's do not have any alternatives to this crisis which they themselves have created for the last 3 years & this year been the worst.
      Anyway how can people who have been part of the problem be part of the solutions ??
      Rajubhai Titus's farm & his method of farming is surely one of the alternatives for the farmers to comeback into a life where they lived with dignity & not at the mercy of the powers to be.
      Something needs to be done, some small steps like probably in the form of a study of Titus farms, publications & articles about how Rajubhai has been able sustain his farm & maintain it totally green when the rest of the farmers are facing drought.
      When will the agricultural universities & their ilk wake up to this truly fascinating Titus farm ?? Because it is here ( in Titus Farm) that one can find the answers to coping with drought & not in any workshops & seminars & laborataries.

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      Hi All,

      I was reading a news paper report today about drought in Indian state Madhya Pradesh. Most of the districts in the state has been facing the drought for the last 3 years. The report says, lot of people from the village migrate to cities in searh of jobs. Typically these people end up in slums in the cities.

      I am quite sure natural farming methods can solve this condition to some extend, but required a nation wide awareness.


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