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100fukuoka's agronomical reform

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  • emhaz@free.fr
    Dec 2, 2001
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      it has taken me a long time to be part of this work group, although
      my interest in fukuoka's work started when the "1 straw revolution"
      book came out reinforcing the no-till possibility for vegetable
      growing that Ruth Stout had been already claiming.As i live in a
      mediterranean & (low)mountain region in the south of france, very
      quickly i had to find further strategies so as to get some edible
      fukuoka's agriculture is the first agronomical reform that has
      happened since agriculture was invented: he has proved that crop
      plants do not export any nutrients from the soil,(tilling does), &
      therefore compensating with composts,manures or any other fertilizer
      is not longer necessary.of course natural agriculture is organic but
      its principles are totally different. plants main source of food does
      not come from the soil but from the sky: light, sunshine feeds for
      95% the plants (watch out when you put tall red clover, as companion
      to crops!)the research adapting natural agriculture to vegetable
      growing for dry & cold climat made me reaalize that what was
      essential was to stablish a soil in which life would go on as if it
      was in the wild...letting soil's self-fertility dynamic take place,
      in spite of taking out crops! it has being now about 3O years that
      i've been into this practice & the results prouve that it is posible
      to grow food synergistically. any agriculture implies manipulation,
      what type one does is our choice but it is not possible to practice
      an agriculture (unleast a climate where rain happens regularly)

      without some insisting care(of course i'm only refering to vegetable
      growing,as i haven't tried any reforesting or land regreening).
      about producing seeds naturally would only be possible with self
      pollinating plants, or the species cross -pollinating would make it
      impossible to know what one is growing by those seeds until it could
      be too late...

      As far as natural seed production...it could only be possible with
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