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RE: [fudgecommunity] Carnage 12 - Nov 6-8, Vt - Pre-Reg Book Up, several FUDGE games being run

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  • Bradford Younie
    Howdy, Dr. Nik! That s right, I m going to Carnage this year (as always). I love this con. There are always a lot of games running, and yet it has a nice
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      Howdy, Dr. Nik!

      That's right, I'm going to Carnage this year (as always). I love this con.
      There are always a lot of games running, and yet it has a nice laid-back
      feel to it. Plus, the location is beautiful.

      I keep hearing how great a GM Dr. Nik is, but I'm always running games when
      he is.


      Bradford Younie

      President, Carnivore Games



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      Subject: [fudgecommunity] Carnage 12 - Nov 6-8, Vt - Pre-Reg Book Up,
      several FUDGE games being run

      http://www.carnagec <http://www.carnagecon.com/book/2009_prereg.pdf>

      What follows herein is strictly for the eyes of you, the carnage attendee.
      As the consumer of Carnage, this convention is held for one gamer to meet
      another. Pronouncements there may be, but they are not from 'on high' as
      respects to your gaming. Schedules are given for the sake of the convention
      only, for if Carnage is to survive and grow, it must have some degree of
      carnage, a familiarity from year to year and procedure from year to year
      within the whole experience. Carnage is more than a framework around which
      individual Game Masters construct their respective milieu, it is above all a
      set of games for all of the attendees to enjoy for a weekend. This weekend,
      November 6-8 maybe limited in time, but there are numerous years where
      Carnage has provided great experience.

      When you attend your con of choice you pick one to your personal tastes. In
      the heat of gaming Carnage strives to provide game masters and gamers a
      superior alloy. As long as Carnage remains viable, it will continue a slow
      process of change and growth. Schedules, events, and registration are part
      of the system in order to assure that what is based thereon will be a
      superior Carnage, a Carnage which offers the most interesting play
      possibilities for the longest period of success will certainly be your
      choice. You, as an attendee, will have to devote countless dollars and time
      in order to attend just a single Carnage. To obtain real satisfaction from
      such effort, you must have Carnage that will make most of your initiative.
      This fact is of prime importance, for there are many ways to spend your time
      and gold pieces.

      Naturally, everything possible cannot be included in the whole of this
      Carnage. As a Role Playing Game Master at Carnage, I would not care to have
      anyone telling me exactly what must go into a game and how it must be run;
      if so, why not run a board game? As the RPG Field Marshall, I also realize
      that there are limits to my creativity and imagination. Others will think of
      things I didn't, and devise games beyond my capability. As an active board
      member I keep a careful watch for things which would tend to complicate
      matters without improving them, systems devised seemingly to make Carnage
      drag for players, rules which lessened the fantastic and unexpected in favor
      of the mundane and ordinary. None of this really is carnage, per se, but the
      carnage is most certainly a refining of what should logically be presented
      November 6-8.

      Returning again to the framework aspect of Carnage, what is aimed at is a
      preregistration booklet into which such carnage and parallel games can be
      played. With certain uniformity of slots and types, players will be able to
      move from one game to another and know at least the elemental carnage which
      govern the new convention, for all carnage will have certain (but not
      necessarily the same) games in common. Card games and board games will be
      well represented. Miniatures will have fantasy and historical. Role playing
      games will function in a carnage manner regardless of which system the
      player is gaming in. Magic devices will certainly vary, but their carnage
      will be similar. This uniformity will help not only players, it will enable
      Game Masters to carry on a meaningful scenario and exchange of useful
      carnage. It has lead to grand tournaments wherein persons from across the
      lands compete for accolades on November 6-8.

      As this pre-registration book is the exclusive precinct of the Attendees,
      you must view any gamer not possessing it as something less than worthy.
      Preregistering players there will undoubtedly be, but they are simply
      increasing their own enjoyment by insuring their choice of games. By
      registering early, they are insuring they can play in some key events they
      desire, increasing their sense of wonder at a specific game or event with
      certain participants. It is in your interests, and in your friends, to
      encourage preregistering with this book. If any of your participant friends
      have not booked a room, Lake Morey Resort is full, but backup lodging has
      been arranged and detailed on the carnage site.

      I sincerely hope that you find this new carnage to your taste and enjoy it.
      The games are in the book, but only you can construct the carnage from it,
      your preregistering will bring hours of fun and excitement on November 6-8.
      Carnageful gaming to you!

      The following is a thank you to all those Game Masters who have submitted
      games and contribute to the formation of this convention. To those GM types,
      you have had more influence and have engendered more scenarios than did few
      others. All are noted in our preregistration book with full credit to the
      games they will run. We appreciate each and every one of you for your
      contribution of carnage.

      Also to be thanked are those masses that have been eager to reserve their
      rooms and will spent their valuable time to play games at Carnage. You
      attendees have encouraged us to always do things better, to provide better
      games, and in general drive to aid and encourage your gaming. Thank you for
      your attendance.

      Finally, no thank you would be complete without a thank you to the board and
      field marshals of carnage who will get that preregistration book in your
      hands 6 weeks before the convention. Thank you, o mighty bearded gentlemen!

      If by any chance you have felt neglected this past year, please forgive us,
      as the task of finishing the preregistration book has taken some many
      months; and during that time we have reviewed hundred of games. A job begun
      in December of 2008 has at last been completed. Note soon that the many
      months of waiting are over, and get lost in the preregistration booklet and
      your dreams of November 6-8, 2009. Soon it will be the last minute rush to
      pack your dice. We look forward to seeing you soon.

      Dr. Nik Carnage
      http://www.carnagec <http://www.carnagecon.com> on.com

      PS= Brad Y & myself are both running fudge system games!

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