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Starkweather/Worthington Park Grant possibility

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  • John Steines
    Hello, spoke with Kathy Utley regarding her interest in writing a grant for the Worthington Park area in conjunction with the Starkweather Friends. She would
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 1904

      spoke with Kathy Utley regarding her interest in writing a grant for
      the Worthington Park area in conjunction with the Starkweather Friends.
      She would write it under the East Isthmus Planning Council 501c3. Was
      wondering if we'd be able to help with it, if, for example, one of the
      projects included a rain garden installation. She has been speaking
      with folks at the Biotech Center on campus about outreach activities.
      The scientists over there are very excited about doing some outreach but
      don't know how to go about it. She would act as facilitator for the
      process. The Biotech folk would likely do much of the instruction phase
      & some hand's on work. We & other Neighborhood Association partners
      might help with the hands on planning & installation, depending on
      need. I think Scott's Grant calls for rain garden installation, so this
      is one possible way of linking the activities into something more than a
      simple project, without significantly increasing our volunteer load &

      Here's the scoop on the goals as I understand them: The purpose of the
      W.P. Grant would be educational, in science fields, dealing
      predominantly with watershed issues. That can be quite broad, as I
      think we all understand, and that is good, because it creates many
      options for educational input. There would likely be by-in components
      to the grant, where low econ. participants might receive payment in
      goods or other, for their work effort. These goods might be school or
      clothing related, or other, such as a community purchase, as defined by
      the needs of the community. I have stressed the need to identify from
      with the W. P. neighborhood, the goals & project that they feel are
      needed. I am not interested in going to a community with an outside
      plan for them that they have not had the opportunity to help create, and
      I understand that Kathy Utley shares this concern. I would expect the
      participants to be park of any planning process. The plan would
      probably start on a small scale, but be designed to grow with experience
      & years. One idea I have is the closing of Clyde Gallagher, creating
      cull de sacs on the perpendicular streets, & expanding the green
      corridor across the former street scape, creating a more lively & safe
      creek edge. Some of you may not know that there have been drownings in
      this part of the creek, with it's sheer metal retaining walls & such a
      small amount of green corridor for play. Clyde Galagher could eventually
      become a parkway for the neighborhood, including bike connector paths &
      a healthier creek corridor with some undulation in the water course.
      Ongoing science projects would be incorporated into the process at every
      possible step along the way. It would be critical to tie such a plan
      into a safe crossing under or over East Wash. I envision that this
      project has benefits to all adjacent neighborhoods.

      The process of community involvement & identification of needs will
      probably begin shortly. Kathy Utley is also interested in participating
      with FSCB & will likely be attending meetings as able in the future.

      Other notes of interest. It might be worthwhile putting together a
      virtual tour of the watershed. Whether this can be tied into the Grant
      Project we have for a watershed tour, can be discussed. At the very
      least, with new access to a digital camera, I ought to be able to get
      some photos available for publicity & advocacy purposes on line. Folks
      reported after the Solstice Celebration that they had gone into look at
      part o the creeks and were stunned at it's condition, with the mount of
      garbage in the creek bed, etc. Most folks have no idea what this thing
      looks like. Most of 'em probably don't care, either, but maybe we can
      change some of that too, with our photos. Whether we want to pursue the
      possibility of a web page or linkage initially, with another website,
      can be discussed. It is a powerful tool to use if done well.

      Enough. I do try sometimes to retrain myself & not overload y'all on
      emails. I presume y'all have a delete button, or, at least, a 'save
      until later' file?

      Thanks & best wishes.

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