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Fw: Here's a "shove" to come "Save Our Lakes"

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  • Carl Landsness
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      Subject: Here's a "shove" to come "Save Our Lakes"

      Here's a "shove" to come "Save Our Lakes"
      An ice shove, that is.  Here are pictures of yesterday's ice shove event that happened on Lake Mendota's shore along Sherman Avenue around noon.  These events happen very fast and have even been referred to as "ice tsunamis."
      So, just as Mendota had a big ice shove yesterday, we'd like to give you a big "shove" to get your ticket for next Friday's "Save Our Lakes" summit.

      The "Save Our Lakes" summit is CLA's annual meeting where the State of the Lakes Report is presented.  Come learn about how lake conditions were in 2012, as well as Yahara WINs and our community's efforts to implement adaptive management.
      This year's event will be built into Isthmus Publishing's Green Day, an expo featuring speakers and exhibits on sustainability.  Among other program highlights, the Yahara Lakes Stewardship Award will be presented for outstanding service and commitment to protecting the Yahara Watershed. The "Save Our Lakes" summit is a great opportunity to network with key players in the water quality field.
      CLA together with its partners, is preparing the 2nd annual State of the Lakes Report and the Yahara Lakes Report Card. The report is a collection of data from scientists, Dane County, Madison & Dane County Public Health Department, park managers, local residents and business owners all of whom share an interest in the Yahara River Watershed and its lakes.
      The first State of the Lakes covered a general overview of the Yahara Watershed, the Yahara Lakes Report Card, which included metrics on Lake Water Quality, Beaches, Aquatic Plant Harvesting, Lake Levels, and Ice Conditions, and a feature on community actions. The 2011 Report Card provided a baseline for the community to begin tracking lake conditions.
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