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Fwd: Starkweather Board meeting and Garver committee - Dec 10, location and plan 6 - 8 pm

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  • john steines
    Hello All members welcome - new Starkweather Board for 2012-2013 will meet first time Dec 10 @ Lou Host-Jablonski s house - 30 Lansing (off of Milwaukee St -
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       All members welcome - new Starkweather Board for 2012-2013 will meet first time Dec 10 @ Lou Host-Jablonski's house  - 30 Lansing (off of Milwaukee St - earth bale house).  Lou was on walk of Blettner property this past week and has been involved in that area planning and Garver/North Plat issues for years.  I am inviting Garver Committee members to join in discussion of Garver/North Plat priorities also. 

      Garver Committee is interested in being on same page as FSC and addressing how to move North Plat issues along with historic building issues - so I'm thinking we do first hour on Garver discussion and it's function within local context of greenspaces & community (OB Sherry, Blettner and adjacent properties - Lake Monona to Hwy 30 essentially).  Then hour two, FSC will deal with details of annual plan incl work days for Blettner, updates on Carpenter-Ridgeway, Autumn Leaf, Lien & Zeier project implications, new officers, scheduling etc.  IF Garver Committee members wish to leave at end of that Garver discussion (approx 7 pm) that is fine but also very welcome to stay. 

      Agenda request - please send other pertinent items for discussion.

      Finally - Solstice is on thanks to reprieve form Fire Dept.  We need extra folks for lighting (four planned) and marshaling though safety risk may be less due to fire frame structure Lou is making. 

      Garver discussion will include update on status of building science and integration vision planning process with surrounding space.  SASY may need to take lead on some of that as it is in SASY and Lou is chair of SASY.  Many of us are also in SASY. 

      Please send other agenda items.  Thanks. 


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