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Lake Monona Water Walk

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  • Carl Landsness
    Last night s opening for the Lake Monona Water Walk triggered strong emotions... positive and negative: feeling very awed by and grateful for the place,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7 12:55 AM
      Last night's opening for the Lake Monona Water Walk triggered strong emotions...
      positive and negative:
      feeling very awed by and grateful for the place, presenters, and performers,
      feeling disappointed and disgusted that the presenters/performers outnumbered the audience.

      I went through much judgment about peoples' priorities...
      having time and energy for many choices that did not appear life-serving to me
      while not having time and energy to participate in this highly life-serving event.
      Yet... maybe it was all perfect,
      and I need to bless and honor all people and choices.

      I was quite awed by the number and quality of presenters and performers
      (including large contingent of Ho-Chunk drummers, dancers, and elders)
      seeing such ceremony and honoring as critical to our survival
      at a time that humanity must either evolve or perish.

      For me, our current drought is one of many wake-up calls
      reflecting our collective consciousness
      that needs to change
      if we wish to survive
      much less THRIVE.

      I reflected on this call to awaken that flowed through me eight years ago
      and the below dream that flowed through me last month
      wondering if We The People of the Madison area
      (the heart of America's Laboratory of Democracy)
      have the courage and commitment to change our collective consciousness
      and model a new and higher paradigm and purpose.

      Do we?

      Our survival depends on it.

      Carl Landsness

      I Have a Dream
      for NEW independence
      and INTER-dependence

      I have a dream
      that all God's children will awaken and arise
      taking responsibility for their reality
      and seeing all as good
      when seen from a higher perspective.

      I have a dream
      that We The People of America's Laboratory of Democracy
      will birth a bold new experiment in democracy
      empowering ALL the people
      and honoring the divinity WITHIN the people

      I have a dream
      that judgment, blame, and attack
      will transform to love, acceptance, and self-examination
      seeing our problems as our greatest opportunities
      and our enemies as our greatest dance partners

      I have a dream
      that intellectual arrogance will honor intuitive knowing-ness (and vice versa)
      and left-brain dogma will honor whole-brain being
      seeing life's purpose from a higher perspective
      and life's being as multi-dimensional mystery

      I have a dream
      that rugged independence will give way to elegant inter-dependence
      transcending dependence and co-dependence
      with both right and left wing finding value in their opponents' beliefs
      and common values and needs beneath their thoughts, feelings, and dreams

      I have a dream
      that freedom can finally ring
      for all people and all life
      in synergy with universal law
      and the soul within us all

      May we be free at last
      May we be free at last
      Thank ALL within us
      May we be free at last

      - Inspired through the fingers of Carl/Kariel...
      calling on the spirits of MLK, Bob LaFollette, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, and others

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