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Fwd: Tonight Rain water, soil, large trees

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  • john steines
    Thanks to Dan Melton for original posting. Unfort, I can t make it. Can anyone from FSC?: Tonight, at Bethany E Free Church, corner Winnebago-Riverside,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2011
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      Thanks to Dan Melton for original posting.  Unfort, I can't make it.  Can anyone from FSC?:

      Tonight, at Bethany E Free Church, corner Winnebago-Riverside, there's an important, practical talk about what cities do -- or don't do -- with rain water, soil, large trees.

      The discussion is critical now because of Willy Street Reconstruction -- and upcoming Atwood Reconstruction -- and what the City is -- or is not -- prepared to do -- as part of the street re-design -- to encourage rain water to soak into the ground where it lands -- instead of being whisked away to Illinois -- and what it is prepared to do to encourage large trees to grow.

      For many years, engineers - bless their hearts -- saw rain as a 'Stormwater Management' problem. -- Get rid of it as soon as possible! Get it down the street drain--and off to Illinois. They thought of 'Stormwater' (aka rain) as a 'problem', like bugs in the house, to be 'gotten rid of'.

      However, if you sweep away your rain, as soon as possible, down the sewer, of course that means the underground aquifer future generations depend on (for life) will have that much less rain to replenish (recharge) itself. This is a major design - re-design - question for all American cities.

      Now we're trying to re-construct (re-imagine) major streets like Atwood in a way that might allow more rain to soak in where it lands--and might allow large trees to grow.

      Hence, the discussion tonight,....

      The Urban Forest is Broken: Solutions for a Pending Crisis
      Large Trees, Suspended Pavement, Stormwater Management

      Peter McDonagh will give a talk at 6:30 PM Thursday May 5

      Location: Bethany Evangelical Free Church, 301 Riverside Drive

      Outline: This one-hour session highlights how large soil volumes under pavement for
      Urban Forests are currently being installed around the world. The integration of these
      green utilities with uncompacted soils, trees and stormwater into our urban areas
      substantially improves their design sustainability. These are Urban Forests that fulfill their
      promise of alleviating some of our most pressing ecological challenges - including air and
      water quality, climate change, flooding and erosion from daily rainfall events. Research
      tree projects 7 and 25 years old show the superior performance of suspended pavement
      with loam soil for these dangers. MARQ2, transit streets in Minneapolis, the 2010 Winter
      Olympic Village in Vancouver, Canada and Waterfront Toronto case studies will be
      presented showing Urban Forests at scale.

      Learning Objectives:

      *   Understand the impacts of current stormwater management and the role of
      green infrastructure in solving this crisis.

      *   Understand the elements and complementary roles of soils, large urban trees,
      and management of urban stormwater.

      *   Understand technical issues associated with developing effective urban forest

      Presenter: Peter MacDonagh, ASLA, CSLA, RHS, ISA, LEED, Director of Design &
      Science, Kestrel Design Group, Inc. & Adjunct Faculty, Departments of Architecture
      and Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota

      Questions? Call Anne Walker  (608) 241-4211

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