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Park plan meeting on 2/10/11 (Thursday)

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  • john steines
    Hello, got this from Si. I have another meeting that eve and can t go. Would be nice if someone could go to this. We have so much potential good wild land,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2011
      Hello, got this from Si.  I have another meeting that eve and can't go.  Would be nice if someone could go to this.  We have so much potential good wild land, from north plat  to areas of OB Sherry on up stream.  j

      Hello Park Friends,  This is a reminder that the last public input session on the Madison Park and Open Space Plan is 7 PM Thursday at the Warner Park Rec Center, and 2/15 is the deadline to participate in the online survey.  I attended the first two public input sessions for the POSP, which had about 10 people at the first and 7 at the second.   I was disappointed at the turnout, but pleasantly surprised that many of the speakers supported better management of natural areas and control of invasive species.  

      I spoke after the other speakers at the second meeting.  I advocated for more staff and budget support for land management and control of invasives, both in Conservation Parks and in all the other wild areas scattered throughout the City.  Based on my experience with several volunteer groups over the past two years, I think there is broad and dedicated support for being good stewards of our preserved parkland.  There are also more grants becoming available for land management and invasives control. 

      I also noted that I am finding higher quality than I expected in many unmanaged wild areas throughout the park system.  With reasonable work and effort, we can make great progress in many areas.  I am more optimistic about the future of all these wild areas than I have been since my idealistic days of the 1970s.  I think we can get more volunteers and grants supporting land management, but the City also has to organize, support and promote it better. 

      I have been discussing this with several of the active volunteers from different groups.  Given enough time, we think the public, Parks staff and Commissions would realize how much support there is for better land management, but it's not going to come out in the short time frame of the POSP update unless we make an effort.  I'm willing to put some time into this, but I certainly don't want to be on a one-man mission, or have it appear that I am. 

      You are a bcc on my email because I've worked with you or had you as a contact on volunteer projects in the past.  I can keep you updated on bcc, or put you on cc if you want to identify yourself on an email discussion of this.  Just let me know.  If you know a couple other people who are very interested, feel free to share this.  I'm not looking for an unwieldy discussion, but I'm happy to share what I know and what I'm doing.    

      -Si Widstrand 831-2468

      Public Meeting Dates

      • February 10, 7-9 p.m.
        Warner Park Community Recreation Center, 1625 Northport Drive

      Park and Open Space Plan website:  http://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/about/parksopenspaceplan.cfm

      Park and Open Space Plan Survey (on SurveyMonkey - deadline, February 15): http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/parkandopenspace 

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