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Fyi - Toby Hemenway Permaculture Workshops, Jan. 30, Edgewood College

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  • john steines
    TOBY HEMENWAY PERMACULTURE WORKSHOPS SUNDAY, JANUARY 30th Edgewood College Campus/Dominican Hall Presented by Sustainability On Stilts, Madison Area
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      SUNDAY, JANUARY 30th
      Edgewood College Campus/Dominican Hall
      Presented by Sustainability On Stilts, Madison Area Permaculture Guild
      & the Sustainability Leadership Program of Edgewood College

      Permaculture Definition:  "Permaculture design is a connection between
      things. It is not water, or a chicken or the tree. It is how the
      water, the chicken and the tree are connected. It's the opposite of
      what we are taught in school. Education takes everything and pulls it
      apart and makes no connections at all. Permaculture makes the
      connection because as soon as you have the connection you can feed the
      chicken from the tree".  Bill Mollison, co-founder of Permaculture
      ***Workshops will be interactive with a combination of lecture,
      discussion and break-out sessions.
      WORKSHOP #1:
      9am until 12:30 pm
      Food Forests & Plant Guilds
      Food forests, or edible forest gardens, are life-filled places that
      not only provide food for people, but habitat for wildlife, carbon
      sequestering, biodiversity, natural soil building, beauty and
      tranquility, and a host of other benefits.
      In nature, plants form communities: groups of species that support one
      another. Some plants will build soil fertility, others attract
      pollinators, some deter pests, and others perform other needed
      WORKSHOP #2:
      1:30 until 5 pm
      Urban Permaculture for a Fear Free Future
      How can we create resilient, regenerative cities and suburbs?
      Permaculture, an ecological approach to design, shows us how. Though
      land may be limited, cities are rich in other resources, especially
      social capital. This workshop will show how to find, harvest, and
      integrate the many resources in our cities in sustainable ways,
      including getting access to land for gardening, creating business
      guilds and networks, working with local government and policy makers,
      learning the pattern language of the city, creating public space in
      neighborhoods, and building urban ecovillages.

      Toby Hemenway is the author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale
      Permaculture, which for the last seven years has been the best-selling
      permaculture book in the world. He is an adjunct professor at Portland
      State University, Scholar-in-Residence at Pacific University, and a
      field director at the Permaculture Institute (USA). His writing has
      appeared in magazines such as Whole Earth Review, Natural Home, and
      Kitchen Gardener, and he is currently at work on a book on the use of
      natural patterns in design.  He has given workshops all over the US
      and in other countries on topics related to permaculture, ecological
      design, Peak Oil, local food systems and food security, and other
      subjects related to ecological design. After obtaining a degree in
      biology from Tufts University,
      Toby worked for many years as a researcher in genetics and immunology,
      first in academic laboratories including Harvard and the University of
      Washington in Seattle, and then at Immunex, a major medical biotech
      company. At about the time he was growing dissatisfied with the
      direction biotechnology was taking, he discovered permaculture, a
      design approach based on ecological principles that creates
      sustainable landscapes, homes, and workplaces. A career change
      followed, and Toby and his wife, Kiel, spent ten years creating a
      rural permaculture site in southern Oregon. He was the editor of
      Permaculture Activist, a journal of ecological design and sustainable
      culture, from 1999 to 2004. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004, and
      after six years of developing urban sustainability resources there,
      Toby and his wife now divide their time between Prescott, Arizona and
      western Montana.

      Price Structure:
      Level 1:  $30 per workshop
               OR $50 for both workshops
      Level 2:  $45 per workshop
               OR $80 for both workshops
      *There may be limited scholarship money beyond this.  Please contact
      me if you need more financial assistance.  We want as many people to
      be able to take advantage of this opportunity as possible.

      Registration for Toby Hemenway Workshops:
      Morning Workshop; 1/30; 9 am until 12:30 pm
      (Specific Directions will be e-mailed out to students a few days
      before the workshop.)
      Food Forests & Plant Guilds     □ Level 1 at $30
      Food Forests & Plant Guilds     □ Level 2 at $45

      Afternoon Workshop; 1/30; 1:30 – 5 pm
      Urban Permaculture for a Fear Free Future    □ Level 1 at $30
      Urban Permaculture for a Fear Free Future    □ Level 2 at $45
      BOTH workshops:  Level 1  □ $50        Level 2   □ $80
      Make check payable to Sustainability On Stilts or pay day of workshop.
      Mail to:  SOS, 5310 Winnequah Rd., Monona, WI 53716
      Call 213-2230 with questions.

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