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  • john steines
    Saturday, April 3: three items: 1. Friends of Starkweather Creek (FSC) Board meeting 8:30 - 10 am @ Atwood Community Center, upstairs 2.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2004
      Saturday, April 3:  three items:

      1.  Friends of Starkweather Creek (FSC) Board meeting 8:30 - 10 am @ Atwood Community Center, upstairs

      2.  FSC/SASYNA/WPNA/Eken Park NA walking tour ~1-2 hours,  meet at 1 pm in Dixon Greenway, Milwaukee St at west branch Starkweather Creek.  Join or leave in progress as you like.  Here's a short agenda for the walking tour:

      1.  Brief mention of Dixon Parkway, cross Milwaukee St. ( future bridge repair - 2005 or 2008)
      2.  Walk along creek in roadway edge where possible (Clyde Gallagher or other side) and talk about proposed future treatment of shoreline and interest by some for walking bridge across creek to connect sasy and wpna local streets (~3-4 blocks).
      3.  Walk to Oak Woods of Worthington Park to enjoy the trees (about two blocks from creek edge).  Point out WPNA vegetable garden and suggest possible sites for rain garden projects along the way
      4.  Walk Marquette to East Washington Ave. and cross to Eken Park Neighborhood.  (Probably most dangerous stretch because of Hwy 151!)
      5.  Make our way to Washington Manor Park and McCormick St. (3-6 blocks), and discuss possible changes to use, enhancement of greenway, and location of future Eken Park Community Center, closing of McCormick to Aberg when Hwy reconstruction project occurs, etc., then back to Dixon Greenway on opposite sides of creek.

      The end.

      3.  Workday with Friends of Yahara Parkway (FYRP),  9 - noon.  Learn about what sort of restoration work is being done in an East Isthmus site.  You'll be ripping invasives out of the lagoon woods.  It's fun!  Just show up and say 'Hey'.  In the future, FSC will be able to do similar work.  This workday would be a good introduction to what shrub/tree species are invasive.   There'll be extra tools, so don't worry about that.:

      Hi Friends,
      Saturday should be quite nice....even perfect for a workday.

      Saturday, April 3 is a workday on the north end of the island in Tenney Park from 9AM until Noon.

      Enthusiastic loppers and brush haulers are needed.

      Please bring loppers and gloves. We will provide garbage bags and water/refreshments.

      Thanks and see you Saturday!

      Saturday, April 17th:

      Clean up with Friends of Hudson Beach, Olbrich Park  on up to O. B. Sherry Park friends, with help of United Way Volunteers & Fsc, details to be announced soon.  Probably in the morning.

      ****Wednesday, April 21:

      Public Meeting to set priorities for implemenation of Starkweather Resolution, held by City of Madison at Olbrich Gardens, 5:30 pm ~7:30.  Meeting details still to be worked out.  Expect presentation at 6 pm.  More details to follow soon.  ($40,000 allocated for planning ($10,000 of that in Parks budget), expected $150,000/year for ~5+ years  in implementation funds for priorities identified.)

      Saturday, April 24:

      FSC EARTH DAY CLEAN UP with Capital Water Trails.  Details to be announced.  Usually start between 8 and 9 am.  Location expected to be Eken Park and up stream, maybe some of WPNA too.
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