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Freestaters Defying National ID

http://keenefreepress.editme.com/SSCardBurn On Saturday, November 12, Free State activists from Keene and as far away as New London Connecticut gathered to
Kat Dillon
Nov 22, 2005

Please help Liberty in New Hampshire

Last year, a group of dedicated activists began the Liberty Scholarship Fund in New Hampshire. The idea is to help provide private alternatives to the public
Kat Dillon
Jul 18, 2005

Six Degrees of Separation

I read recently of an experiment done which showed that that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of
Kat Dillon
May 24, 2005

Nationwide tax day protests

Greetings everyone, Tax day is coming soon, and so is the Free State Project's objective of reaching 20,000 members in 2006. To achive that FSP goal and
Kat Dillon
Mar 15, 2005

Fundraising Ideas Workshop

This Tuesday evening, Varrin Swearingen, FSP Director of Development will be holding a fundraising workshop where we'll be discussing ideas for fundraising.
Kat Dillon
Jan 23, 2005

FSP Free Radicals

Are you so passionate about freedom, you've been turning every stone trying to get to New Hampshire? Are you one of those people who just can't wait, you're
Kat Dillon
Jan 19, 2005

Recruiting Workshop

This Thursday evening, we will be holding a recruiting workshop where we'll be discussing recent recruiting techniques which have been successful. Please join
Kat Dillon
Jan 16, 2005

Questions for Early Movers

This Thursday evening, we will have a panel of early movers ready to share their experiences in New Hampshire. If you have questions about moving to New
Kat Dillon
Jan 12, 2005

Local Groups Workshop

This Thursday evening, Keith Murphy, Free State Project Local Groups Director will be holding a Local Groups Workshop. Local groups are one of the most
Kat Dillon
Jan 3, 2005

Q & A Session with Jason Sorens

This Tuesday evening, Jason Sorens, Free State Project Founder and Chairman of the Board, will be answering questions about the project. Please bring your
Kat Dillon
Dec 20, 2004

Liaisons Workshop Tonight

Tuesday evening, Chris Harrison, Free State Project Liaisons Director, will be holding a liaisons workshop. Please bring your questions and recruiting ideas
Kat Dillon
Dec 14, 2004

Gun Rights Q & A Chat

Tonight, Evan Nappen, Free State Project Vice President and Gun Rights Liaison, will be answering questions about the Free State Project and gun rights in New
Kat Dillon
Dec 6, 2004

FSP Publicity Workshop

This Tuesday evening, Steve Cobb, Free State Project Publicity Director, will be holding a workshop on how to increase publicity for the FSP. Please bring your
Kat Dillon
Nov 29, 2004

Liaisons Workshop

This Tuesday evening, we will be holding a Liaisons Workshop. We will be discussing ways to interact with liaison target groups. Please bring your questions
Kat Dillon
Nov 13, 2004

Recruiting Workshop

This Thursday evening, we will be holding a recruiting workshop. Your recruiting efforts are critical to the success of the Free State Project if we are to
Kat Dillon
Nov 10, 2004
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