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36Nationwide tax day protests

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  • Kat Dillon
    Mar 15, 2005
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      Greetings everyone,

      Tax day is coming soon, and so is the Free State
      Project's objective of reaching 20,000 members in
      2006. To achive that FSP goal and liberty in our
      lifetimes, we need the help of all our members. Kate
      Rick has come up with the idea of a coordinated effort
      in every state to have a tax day protest and
      recruiting event. We need volunteers from each state
      to organize the event for their area. That would
      involve letting people in the area know that it's
      happening, and obtaining FSP materials to hand out.
      We will have those materials available for any who
      volunteer to hold a protest. It can be just one
      person from each state! Last year in Dallas we had a
      dozen out protesting at the main post office. People
      are mad about having to pay taxes, mad about dealing
      with the awful post office. It's a great time to give
      them an alternative--a Free State!


      Kate Rick who is organizing this project sent the
      following request.
      I and others are working to organize tax day protests
      across the country to publicize the FSP. Every bit of
      activism will help--banners, ads, gimmicks, fliers,
      t-shirts, standing outside of post offices, the IRS...

      Who is willing to go protest? (This can be in your own
      town, we can organize multiple groups, we can try for
      one big one--the form matters a lot less than the

      Who will paint and hang highway banners?

      Who has contacts with other anti-tax groups? (Anyone
      from your local LP to specific income tax crusaders or
      people I haven't thought of--what are they doing? Can
      we participate while wearing FSP t-shirts or handing
      out FSP information?)

      Those are just three possible ways to do this. There
      are a million others--last year, Adam and I handed out
      cookies and FSP fliers at our local post office.
      Bribery works. ;)

      This is a golden opportunity--one of those rare times
      when a huge number of people in the country are doing
      the same thing, and we have the opportunity to get
      their attention. Out of those millions, there
      are 14,000 who will want to join us. Let's let them
      know we exist.

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