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22Free State Communications Workshop

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  • Kat Dillon
    Oct 18, 2004
      This Wednesday evening, Dr. Michael Edelstein* will be leading a discussion
      on Communication Strategies for Building Consensus. The workshop will be
      held at http://chat.freestateproject.org at 9pm ET. Hope to see you there!

      Chat Schedule for upcoming weeks:

      * Wednesday October 20th, 9pm ET Communication Strategies for Building
      Consensus with Dr. Michael Edelstein
      * Tuesday October 26th, 9pm ET Speaker's Bureau Workshop: How to Find
      Speaking Engagements with Phil Denisch, Speakers Bureau Coordinator
      * Thursday November 4th, 9pm ET Resident Porcupines Answer Questions About
      New Hampshire with George Reich, Rich Tomasso, Jack Shimek and Fred Mitchell.

      Location for all chat sessions will be: http://chat.freestateproject.org

      Previous chat transcripts are available at:

      Resources used during these sessions can be found at:

      * Dr. Michael R. Edelstein is in private practice in San Francisco and is the
      co-author, with Dr. David Ramsay Steele, of Three Minute Therapy: Change Your
      Thinking, Change Your Life, a self-help book for overcoming common emotional
      and behavioral problems. The book has been chosen as a selection by the
      Book-of-the-Month Club and by the Behavioral Sciences Book Club, and also as
      a featured alternate selection.by Laissez-Faire Books. Michael was awarded
      "Author of the Year" for the book by the National Association of
      Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists.

      Michael lectures nationally and internationally, appears on radio and
      television, and is published in psychological journals. He is the creator of
      a five-step audiotape weight-management program, and has produced tapes used
      for training psychotherapists. He writes the advice column, "Ask Dr.Mike,"
      which appears in the San Francisco Intelligencer.

      He is a Training Supervisor and Fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute and
      holds a diploma in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. He is Past President of the
      Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy. He frequently speaks to
      libertarian groups, having given presentations at Laissez Faire Books, ISIL,
      the Separation of School & State Alliance, Eris, Free Exchange, and the
      California LP annual conventions. His topic at LPCCon2004 was "Overcoming
      Emotional Blocks to Success as a Libertarian."

      He is currently writing two books, The Revolution In Psychotherapy (Open
      Court Publishing) and Three Minute Therapy for Stage Fright (See Sharp

      You may find Dr. Edelstein's website at: http://www.threeminutetherapy.com

      --Free State Project http://www.freestateproject.org/
      It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government. - Thomas Paine (1737-1809)