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Re: Shall I delete this list?

It seems that here are more frum-veggies on the JVNA Orthodox committee, so maybe that can be our discussion group for now. I think the problem is that people
Mar 16, 2006

Re: Shall I delete this list?

I think we should gradually try to find some other interested souls and get the listserv into exchanging mode. This might take some time, but would I think be
Mar 16, 2006

Shall I delete this list?

It seems only 3 of us signed up for this list and nobody is using it. Shall I delete it?
Rabbi Yonassan Gershom
Mar 16, 2006

Is anybody out there? Let's communicate occasionally!

Reb Yonasson and friends: I haven't received any postings from this listserv in a while. Will people be sending out useful messages occasionally? I will try,
Nov 17, 2005

Test message

This is a test message to be sure everything is working Ok -- please ignore it ... COMING SOON -- Rabbi Gershom's latest book: "Jewish Themes in Star
yonassan gershom
Aug 25, 2005
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