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  • bfitbhappy
    Dear Lynn, I AM SOOOOOOO VERY SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God, I wish I could be there to tell you in person how much I hate hearing about Carolyn s passing.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2002
      Dear Lynn,
      I AM SOOOOOOO VERY SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God, I wish I could
      be there to tell you in person how much I hate hearing about
      Carolyn's passing. Please, dont hold onto your anger and your hate
      for this woman. I know you are going through alot right now but dont
      hate her. The only reason I say not to hate her is because she is
      ignorant in alot of ways. Natural healing can only help in so many
      situations. In this situation, it did not help. She should address
      this and take responsibility for it. I know you dont need to hear
      this right now. I know nothing anyone can say can ease your pain at
      this time. But please dont plague yourself with guilt. You arent to
      blame either! Please, please dear sir, find your peace and grieve if
      you have to for as long as your need to. God be with you during this
      time and may he heal your broken heart. My sympathies and prayers
      are with you.


      I want all of you to think long and hard about this situation.
      Some young girl just died a very unnecessary and painful death because
      she chose to listen to another instead of her own instincts. She
      chose to follow someone else's advice, someone, mind you, who does
      not even know this girl or the type of situation this young girl was
      in. None of us know what kind of situation CAROLYN was in or how
      serious this was. None of us have any right to tell her NOT to seek
      medical attention. Thank you MS. JANET for being the only one with
      any real common sense on the panel. "Dont have surgery," "seek
      alternative healing", "Fast", "Dont try to stop it, let it
      happen", "inflammation is the body's way of healing itself." I read
      your Doctor's website and ya know, I think in certain situaion's,
      yes, alternative healing, fasting, the whole nine is given it's due
      respects. But My Lord people! Let's assume some common sense and
      reality here. This poor child was in severe, debilitating pain, she
      was in a dire situation and now she has died because she did not seek
      the medical attention she should have. As far as Im concerned, the
      advice CAROLYN followed was horseshit! MS. JANET is the only one who
      knew what the hell she was talking about! Again, I want all of you
      to think about what happened and place yourself in this poor man's
      shoes. Could you stand by and watch someone die right underneath
      your nose? Could you stand the debilitating, blinding pain that this
      poor girl had to endure? There are some things worse than death
      people. I watched my great uncle, a fruitarian/vegan of 28 years,
      die screaming in pain from cancer that had ravaged his body because
      he refused any kind of medical intervention except what your
      alternative doc recommended. Yes, screaming in pain! And he was
      fruitarian/vegan, just like alot of you. Please dont tell me that
      your lifestyle goes above and beyond and puts you in a higher, holier
      than thou place above all the rest of us. Please dont tell me that
      fruitarian/vegans never get diseases and never succumb to death and
      pain and please dont tell me that alternative healing is always the
      only way. Try telling it to MR. LYNNYRD who just lost his best
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