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Re: [fruitabuparents] Re:Healthy Treats For Halloween?

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  • Meilena Hauslendale
    Hi, I really loved everyone s different ideas on Halloween handouts. I love the ring idea and some of the various little toy ideas. I know last year our
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 1, 2007

      I really loved everyone's different ideas on Halloween handouts.  I love the ring idea and some of the various little toy ideas.  I know last year our neighbor passed out glow sticks which was pretty neat.  It was a big hit.  I will have to head out to Party American and see what type of little grab bags we can find.

      Which by the way my poor 5 year old went into that store once, and was so horrified because they have it all decorated for Halloween that he did not want to walk by their displays in the front.  I had to coax him out by the gift bags and drag him screaming bloody murder past the big life size Halloween zombies.

      Have a great day, feel free to share more ideas if you get them!


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