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651Your Secret Health Weapon: Corn?

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  • mwswansonvitamins
    Jul 14, 2008

      Creamed, whole kernel, or on the cob, corn's got something that can really sweeten your health.

      It's a potent phytochemical called ferulic acid. And new research shows the compound could help you skirt a host of chronic conditions, from Alzheimer's disease to cancer.

      Substance Superpowers

      You'll also find the super phenol in tomatoes and rice bran, and it does a ton of good things for your body, like scavenging cell-damaging free radicals, preventing inflammation, and diminishing plaque buildup in artery walls. And if all of that isn't enough -- it may help fight aging, too. So snap up the last of this season's sweet corn and make this recipe: Cajun Corn Sauté.

      Barbecue Makeover

      Ready for some sweet corn? Here's how to make those ears -- and many other barbecue staples -- tastier and healthier:

          * Corn on the cob: Brush a little olive oil instead of butter on the ears to cut the saturated fat.

          * Bean dip: Make it with black beans instead of refried beans to cut the fat. Here's a healthy bean dip you can make in minutes.

          * Burgers: Put a new twist on tradition by making protein-rich veggie burgers with lentils. Try this recipe.

          * Salads: Skip the macaroni salad and instead make something with brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, or couscous, like Citrusy Couscous Salad with Olives.

          * Dessert: Nothing says summer like a cool, creamy treat. But ditch the ice cream sandwiches and make this: Berry Frozen Yogurt. It's easy!

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