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  • sunflowercurlz
    Apr 29, 2008
      --- In fruitabuparents@yahoogroups.com, "MeLaNeY group"
      <melaneygroups@...> wrote:
      > Hi All from Melbourne, Australia
      > I have a 3 and a half year old beautiful little girl. I almost hate
      to type the word, but she is overweight. Nowadays it's like she wants
      to eat all the time - never getting enough. I dont bake cakes or
      cookies or even buy lollies anymore - She is allergic to something in
      chocolates so we never give her any of that. The occassional jelly
      lollie. She doesn't want to drink water anymore only cordials. She
      loves bananas and broccoli, chicken, lettuce. I don't know actually
      why she is overweight because she is busy little thingy, runs around
      and always on the go.
      > sigh
      Hi 'from Melbourne', how are u ?
      The first question to ask is what makes u think your daughter is
      overweight? The height/ weight/ age guide is just that, a guide! We
      are not cookie cutter people! We are all indivduals!

      Most toddlers have a belly on them! My niece has a pot belly and a
      bit fatter legs than most girls her age but she is also taller than
      most girls her age! And I've never heard her say 'no' when offered
      food! (she's 4.5 and as tall as my 7 y/o nephew).

      If she's not having much 'treat/ processed/ sugary/ fatty 'foods then
      I wonder where the KJs are coming from?
      Perhaps she has an intollerance to a certain kind of food/s and can't
      digest them properly?

      My sister gives the kids 1/2 juice, 1/2 water, milk or watery
      cordial, to drink. Ice cubes are a fun way to present water to kids,
      also maybe putting a squeeze of lemon or orange or some mint leaves
      in the water may help.

      You may think your daughter gets enough exercise or you may want to
      include some 'formal but fun' exercise such as dance classes,
      rollerskating/ rollerblading, kindy gym or such.

      The one thing I would impress on you, is too be very careful how you
      deal with her weight issue as I am a surviver of having a mother with
      a 'fat fobia' and being on a diet for as long as I can remember and
      not my choice! I'm not and never will be a size 10. I don't subscribe
      to the 'thin is beautiful' controlling agent! And weight mental
      issues start from toddlerhood!

      Dr's may be a help but just remember that they're not god, even
      thought they will act like they are!

      Hope this helps, Miriam
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