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645Re: [fruitabuparents] I need help please

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  • LilShaka BootyGirl
    Apr 27, 2008
      take her to the doctor and teell them that your daughter is over weight and let them handle it

      MeLaNeY group <melaneygroups@...> wrote:
      Hi All from Melbourne, Australia
      I have a 3 and a half year old beautiful little girl. I almost hate to type the word, but she is overweight. Nowadays it's like she wants to eat all the time - never getting enough. I dont bake cakes or cookies or even buy lollies anymore - She is allergic to something in chocolates so we never give her any of that. The occassional jelly lollie. She doesn't want to drink water anymore only cordials. She loves bananas and broccoli, chicken, lettuce. I don't know actually why she is overweight because she is busy little thingy, runs around and always on the go.

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