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644Re: [fruitabuparents] I need help please

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  • Lanosrep Noitamrofni
    Apr 27, 2008


      My child was quite overweight at 3 and a half (about 80 or 90 lbs), and she was very active, and ate a variety of healthy foods.  She had a very big apetite and never seemed full, but always wanted more food.  She would even cry or throw tantrums infront of the fridge, and we had to put a lock on the refridgerator door.

      I found that portion control was the only way to battle this problem.  Remembering that my child could eat adult portions, and that if I reduced the portions eventually her stomach would adjust and soon become full with less food.

      Also cutting out any sugars in the diet will help.  Juice is not the greatest.  Skim milk is ideal and water should still be encouraged. 

      If you control the portions and stick to three small meals per day (heavy on the broccolli since she likes it, my daughter did too), no treats, and two healthy snacks (apples, or yogurt, or carrot sticks), you will find with her active lifestyle that she will soon be growing taller but will surely stop growing wider.  It takes a while...patience and persistence.  If she often feels hungry, you will find yourself saying no, and it may be troublesome at first, but eventually her hunger will be more moderated.  Also, I find staying away from white colour foods help.  Minimal potatoes, bread, cheese, or mayo.  And also make sure that grains are always whole grains for the bread she does have, and be sure cereals are the same, and do not contain any added sugar.

      My child has never lost weight but has grown taller without gaining any more.  So it will be a very gradual process, but eventually you will se results.

      Out of curiosity, did you breastfeed?

      I did, and I attribute my childs healthy size, and apetite to much nourishment in the first couple years of life.  Wondering if there are similarities there...

      Hope it helps. Goodluck!



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      Subject: [fruitabuparents] I need help please
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      Hi All from Melbourne, Australia
      I have a 3 and a half year old beautiful little girl. I almost hate to type the word, but she is overweight. Nowadays it's like she wants to eat all the time - never getting enough. I dont bake cakes or cookies or even buy lollies anymore - She is allergic to something in chocolates so we never give her any of that. The occassional jelly lollie. She doesn't want to drink water anymore only cordials. She loves bananas and broccoli, chicken, lettuce. I don't know actually why she is overweight because she is busy little thingy, runs around and always on the go.

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