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638Re: [fruitabuparents] Re: Nutrition With a Lower Cost

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  • Colleen Fitzpatrick
    Apr 15, 2008
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      One of the things I forgot about that my son tends to take a few times a week with him is Beef Jerky.  Expensive if you buy in the store but if you have your own dehydrater, not so bad.  He likes the beef made with liquid smoke and teriyake flavoring best.  If that meat is too tough, you can make chicken or turkey jerky. The house also smells really good while you're drying.   I also tried drying my own fruits but personally found it wasn't worth it and didn't come out so great.
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      From: meilena_h
      Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2008 7:32 AM
      Subject: [fruitabuparents] Re: Nutrition With a Lower Cost


      Always good to hear from you I am so excited you got a house! I hope to embark on that
      journey next year for our family.

      We did move into a house that we rent and the cost of rent is higher than where we lived
      before, hence where budgeting really takes into affect.

      What other snacks have you been giving your son? I loved all the tips you shared and you
      were embarking on this journey of healthful living with your son. I entirely forget about
      apples and peanut butter! I am even eating them now after your post trigged that in me.

      I like celery and peanut butter but the kids in that in between teeth stage can't always
      chew it up properly. Thanks for your post again!

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      > I recently bought a house and even though it's just me and my son the added cost of a
      house and all the extra expenses that go along with it mean I have to save money other
      places. I bought a Food Saver for one. I buy things in larger quantities such as bulk
      where I can get a better deal and then put them in reasonable sizes for the two of us, then
      freeze. I get meat from a guy I know that has his own cattle so it's free from antibiotics,
      dyes etc and also buy in quantity and freeze that. Getting a good juicer is a good way to
      make healthy fruit shakes where I can add a bunch of 'goodies' he's unaware of.
      > When I came to this site I was *clueless* on how to eat healthy. I came here because my
      son was diagnosed with hyperglycemia and I had no clue of what to do. We totally had to
      change our entire way of eating and I think we're doing pretty darn good. He takes 3
      healthy snacks a day to school and I buy a lot of those in quantity also at places like Cosco
      if possible. He's learned that grabbing an apple with some peanut butter is just as good or
      better when watching TV than a bag of Skittles.
      > Colleen
      > Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success
      when they gave up. - T. Edison
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      > Subject: [fruitabuparents] Nutrition With a Lower Cost
      > Hi Everyone,
      > It has been a while since I have posted. We had to move our family into a new home
      and my
      > husband had a fluke accident where he broke his ankle, so we were reorganizing as
      well as
      > restructuring responsibilities.
      > I try to keep my family getting the utmost nutrition as possible but with 2 little boys, a
      > husband, and a vegetarian Mom (me) it is often difficult to do under a reasonable
      budget. I
      > know we discussed this a while back but with some of the newer member we have
      added to
      > our group, I want to open this topic up again.
      > What do you do to help keep cost down and feed your family healthy nutritious food at
      > same time? We currently spend on average $800 a month. Mind you some things I can
      > compromise on, but others like our fresh, hormone free milk, it is worth the little extra
      > have delivered. Can't wait to hear your ideas.
      > Hope everyone is doing good!
      > Meilena

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