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Re: [frontierkernel] Successful build, but crash on launch, need more eyes

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  • Seth Dillingham
    Remember when I said, My guess is that it s something stupid? :-D The problem turned out to be the ID number assigned to the conv category of built-in
    Message 1 of 5 , May 31, 2009
      Remember when I said, "My guess is that it's something stupid?" :-D

      The problem turned out to be the ID number assigned to the "conv"
      category of built-in verbs. I had been using 1026, but when I rolled
      in the new sqlite and mysql verbs from trunk they used 1026 and 1027.

      The overlapping verb-category ID numbers were causing the verb
      initializations to fail when the app started up. This was triggering
      an assertion failure, which (unfortunately) is handled in a threaded
      fashion... but the failure was happening before the main thread had
      been initialized. In the end, the crash was happening in the code
      which attempts to deal with assertion failures.

      Or that's how it looked to me, anyway. I can reproduce it at will, but
      the problem is fixed.

      Our handling of assertion failures before the main thread is
      initialized may be a bug. ::shrug:: Hard to give it any priority,
      though, as you only trigger it when you've broken something else.

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