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Creedon Frontier FYI

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  • icreedon
    Please see . From the read me. Hello, This is an FYI (for your information) release of some work I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2005
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      Please see < http://gems.creedon.net/www/creedonFrontierFyi.zip >.
      From the read me.


      This is an FYI (for your information) release of some work I've been
      doing with Frontier and Frontier.root. It should be considered as
      development quality software. Don't blame me if something goes wrong!
      Backup your hard drive! It's been working pretty well for me.

      This is by no means a complete install or even very functional.

      If you are on Windows you should replace the Mac OS X Frontier
      application with the Windows 10.a2 version.

      Things I'm tinkering with are...

      1) Create a new startup script. I found the startup script very
      difficult to follow and there was much duplication of initialization
      across all the scripts being called at startup.

      2) Do something about the confusing (to me) release virgin root
      process. My tack has been to combine all this into one uber startup
      script, if user.prefs.firstRootRun is false or not defined then this
      is a virgin root.

      3) Remove dependancies on and assumptions about
      system.verbs.builtins.userland table, Manila, and Radio where it makes
      sense. I've been rolling around in my head the idea that I'd like to
      see the Frontier app and Frontier.root become friendly for multiple
      vendors/projects (open source, etc.) to be able to build from. Of
      course the initial open source release was built from the single
      vendor perspective. Much of the system.verbs.builtins.userland table
      stuff moves to other tables (although there are bits still to be
      moved). I can imagine a vendor table living somewhere where vendors
      can put the code they want to use and share in Frontier.root, if it
      doesn't fit into one of the existing tables.

      4) Reorganize the menus. I found the menus often run off the menubar
      so I have taken a crack at a reorg. I'm also tinkering with some
      funky modal menus.

      5) Build Frontier.root from the ground up, removing cruft. The job
      isn't complete by any means. But many of the pieces have passed by my
      eyeballs. Not that I can remember it all or that they all work! :-)


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