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4232Frontier and OS X Lion

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  • bayswaterfarm
    Dec 1, 2012
      I have been running some websites on Frontier for around 10 years. Currently they are deployed on a 2007 vintage Mac Mini running Tiger. After 5 years on this box I reckon an upgrade is in order, which ail most likely necessitate running Mountain Lion or at least Lion. I am working with another Mac Mini with Lion to see if I can configure it to run everything I need: Frontier, Apache, imapd, Exim, PHP, Perl, Ruby etc and am running into problems with Frontier.

      The Universal build Frontier_v10.1a15_MacOSX_Universal_Binary.dmg crashes reliably on startup. Does anyone know of a more recent/stable version?

      I have been using OPML Editor successfully as a WebEdit client for my Frontier installation and am looking at its suitability as a replacement for the Frontier web server. It seems more stable (though crashes frequently on shutdown, losing changes).

      The link to http://hellofrontier.com/ that Dave Wine posted is not working today.

      Can anyone give me any pointers to the changes I need to make to OPML editor to run it as a simple web server?

      Thanks in advance.

      Chris Bunch
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