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4095River2 1.0 release

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  • dwiner
    Oct 14 7:58 AM
      We were at version 0.999 about to go to 0.9991 of River2.

      Enough! Let's call this 1.0.


      It's really a 1.0. It's very smooth, has been extensively tested for first-time-user experience goodness, and it is a workhorse, running lots of rivers on my servers and "in the wild."

      There's also a new release of the OPML Editor, and for brave souls, an even newer release produced by Brent Simmons on the Frontier-user list, which you would be welcome to test if you are an OPML user.

      Also a fresh release of EC2 for Poets.

      For now this is where my focus is. Helping people getting going with their own rivers.

      Support is available on the RIver2 mail list.