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4037sendmail problems

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  • russellgum
    Sep 7, 2010
      I had a database corruption that required installing a new copy of Frontier. The save a copy and replace roots did not solve the problem. Everything is working again except tcp.sendmail. I use sendmail to send me emails about certain events on my server. Now I get a connection times out message when I try sendmail. Since it works fine on by backup system in my home office I don't think it is a problem in the way I am calling sendmail or in the mail related entries in my user preferences. In fact I get the same problem when trying to send an email from the settings page. I am at a loss as where to look next. Any suggestions??

      I even checked out the OPML version but it's sendmail does not have a password feature so I don't see how it could work at all.

      At one point I ran my own email server on my production machine (OSX server) but the repeated attempts to hack it resulted in filling up my log files and using up all of my disk space. So I went to using a .mac account and sendmail which worked fine until last week.
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