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Symbolic bugfix

The latest release of Frink fixes a bug in algebraic simplification of power expressions like (1/2)^(-1/2) (which works correctly and transforms to 2^(1/2))
Alan Eliasen
Nov 5, 2015

The new phone book's here!

A few days ago, the new 2014 CODATA values for fundamental physical properties of the universe were released. For me, this was really exciting, because, like
Alan Eliasen
Jun 30, 2015

Historical and Android changes

The latest version of Frink fixes historical currency conversion for the U.S., as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics can't seem to keep their file up-to-date.
Alan Eliasen
Jun 29, 2015

Graphics Clipping

If you've been watching Frink releases over the last few days, you may have noticed several releases, each of which improves Frink's graphics system. The major
Alan Eliasen
Dec 3, 2014

Behavioral change and new formatting

The current version of Frink (2014-07-31) contains a behavioral change and new functions for formatting values: * Suppressed a trailing newline that was
Alan Eliasen
Jul 31, 2014

Unicode changes

There have been some improvements and changes to Frink's handling of high Unicode characters (those above \uFFFF). These changes will not affect you if you
Alan Eliasen
Jul 3, 2014

More updates to select and remove.

There have been further changes to Frink's "select" and "remove" functions that make them nicer to use: * The select and remove functions now allow selector
Alan Eliasen
May 12, 2014

New behavior for select function

There has been some slight behavior change in the select[ ] and remove[] functions in Frink. They now return an enumerating expression if passed an
Alan Eliasen
May 5, 2014

Changes to Java introspection, Java Web Start

The last two Frink releases have some minor updates which might affect some programs (but mostly will affect programs that weren't correct.) * The staticJava[]
Alan Eliasen
Apr 22, 2014

New Frink Formatters

The latest Frink release includes major new functionality. Frink's formatters were totally rewritten to allow output in multiple formats. This includes a new
Alan Eliasen
Apr 17, 2014

Java 7u51 breaking stuff

If you've been having problems with Java 7u51 breaking your Frink installation (when running from Java Web Start,) there is updated information in the Java Web
Alan Eliasen
Feb 27, 2014

JSON parsing, Bitcoin, Java Map

The latest releases of Frink have some interesting new features: * You can now parse JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents with a single line of Frink
Alan Eliasen
Feb 19, 2014

Polyline / polygon improvement

The latest release of Frink greatly improves the rendering of polylines, polygons, and filled polygons, especially when printing. This eliminates jagged edges
Alan Eliasen
Jan 12, 2014

Graphics composition and bugfixes

The latest version of Frink (just released a few minutes ago) has a bugfix for graphics.add[] which may have caused a NullPointerException. This was introduced
Alan Eliasen
Dec 6, 2013

Turning graphics into images

The most recent release of Frink allows you to turn an arbitrary-resolution "graphics" object into a bitmapped "image" in memory, and then read and write
Alan Eliasen
Oct 30, 2013
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