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Changes to Java introspection, Java Web Start The last two Frink releases have some minor updates which might affect some programs (but mostly will affect programs that weren't correct.) * The staticJava[]
Alan Eliasen
Apr 22
New Frink Formatters The latest Frink release includes major new functionality. Frink's formatters were totally rewritten to allow output in multiple formats. This includes a new
Alan Eliasen
Apr 17
Java 7u51 breaking stuff If you've been having problems with Java 7u51 breaking your Frink installation (when running from Java Web Start,) there is updated information in the Java Web
Alan Eliasen
Feb 27
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JSON parsing, Bitcoin, Java Map The latest releases of Frink have some interesting new features: * You can now parse JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents with a single line of Frink
Alan Eliasen
Feb 19
Polyline / polygon improvement The latest release of Frink greatly improves the rendering of polylines, polygons, and filled polygons, especially when printing. This eliminates jagged edges
Alan Eliasen
Jan 12
Graphics composition and bugfixes The latest version of Frink (just released a few minutes ago) has a bugfix for graphics.add[] which may have caused a NullPointerException. This was introduced
Alan Eliasen
Dec 6, 2013
Turning graphics into images The most recent release of Frink allows you to turn an arbitrary-resolution "graphics" object into a bitmapped "image" in memory, and then read and write
Alan Eliasen
Oct 30, 2013
Re: Oh that Wikipedia Case for the defence is closed! You are now Alan 'The Awesome' Eliasen :)
Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Oh that Wikipedia Hi Alan, why do you think that Rich Hickey is one of the greatest geniuses that our world currently knows? I like his talks as well, although I don't use
Knut Behrends
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Oh that Wikipedia ... Okay, if that link doesn't work because Youtube is inconsistent, skip to the 0:25:20 point. Because I am awesome. -- Alan Eliasen eliasen@...
Alan Eliasen
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Oh that Wikipedia ... Hi Jens, I know it costs millions of dollars to keep an article on Wikipedia, so I should't complain. (Oh, wait, it costs nanopennies. I'm so
Alan Eliasen
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Oh that Wikipedia Hello Alan, well, Wikipedia has changed a bit since that time, and while I'm firmly opposed to deletionist approaches, I can see where they are coming from,
Jens Wiechers
Sep 11, 2013
Oh that Wikipedia So a prolific Wikipedia non-programmer deletist has targeted the Frink article for deletion:
Alan Eliasen
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Frink and OpenOffice Writer ... By the way, if it is easy to integrate Java code into Open Office Writer, you may be able to embed a Frink parser with just a few lines of code:
Alan Eliasen
Sep 10, 2013
Re: Frink and OpenOffice Writer ... I'm not quite sure what features that Writer has to help programmers. Can you cite some? I think that most of OpenOffice is written in C++, although Java
Alan Eliasen
Sep 9, 2013
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Frink and OpenOffice Writer I am an engineer and I love Frink. I am also always looking for a MathCAD replacement. Currently, I'm using CompPad within OpenOffice Writer. Has anyone
Sep 8, 2013
New "FrinkScience" group created I've just created a new mailing list called "FrinkScience". It is intended to discuss math/science/physics problems using Frink:
Alan Eliasen
Sep 7, 2013
AW: Re: [Frink] Frink wins again Sweet. Sent from Samsung Mobile ... Von: Alan Eliasen Datum: 09.08.2013 6:11 (GMT+01:00) An: frink@yahoogroups.com Betreff: Re:
Jens Wiechers
Aug 8, 2013
Re: Frink wins again ... A (sorta poor) picture is here: http://futureboy.us/images/d20.jpg I'll have to take some better ones when I have access to a real camera tomorrow. -- Alan
Alan Eliasen
Aug 8, 2013
Re: Frink wins again Congratulations. That's awesome. I was quite annoyed that I couldn't attend DEFCON this year (haven't been able to attend for the last four years because the
Jens Wiechers
Aug 8, 2013
Frink wins again Our team that used Frink won again at DEFCON's "Crash and Compile" contest this year! It's a programming contest that requires you to drink every time your
Alan Eliasen
Aug 8, 2013
Historical Currency Converter The U.S. historical currency converter in Frink [1] and the associated webpage [2] may not have been working for you if you are using a new version of Java,
Alan Eliasen
Jul 9, 2013
A documentary for units geeks There's an interesting documentary project on Kickstarter for those who are interested in units of measure and how they are standardized:
Alan Eliasen
May 11, 2013
Frink for lazy journalists. So lots of the astronomy news sites I follow posted articles today with titles like "Jupiter and Moon Closest Until 2026":
Alan Eliasen
Jan 20, 2013
More graphics transformations Happy ongoing Frink Day! The current release of Frink (2012-12-13) adds convenience functions to make scaling and rotating graphics around a point even easier.
Alan Eliasen
Dec 13, 2012
Happy Frink Day! Happy Frink Day! Frink became provably Turing-complete 11 years ago today, on December 12, 2001, at 10:16 PM MST when array manipulation first became possible.
Alan Eliasen
Dec 12, 2012
Transformable Graphics! Frink's graphics libraries are now vastly more powerful! The most recent release adds the ability to rotate, translate and scale graphics on all platforms!
Alan Eliasen
Dec 11, 2012
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Re: HTML5 The latest release of Frink (2012-11-07) fixes problems with rendering ellipses in HTML5. They were being rendered incorrectly in some cases. (The provisional
Alan Eliasen
Nov 6, 2012
HTML5 Frink can now write its graphics to an HTML5 file, using the new HTML5 canvas feature. This allows efficient transmission of vector graphics, as well as
Alan Eliasen
Nov 6, 2012
Computer... I'm talking to ya... The latest version of Frink on Android has a really fun feature: the ability to recognize voice input! It's extremely easy to use. For example, the
Alan Eliasen
Sep 1, 2012
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