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Re: [friendsofinmates] Alaskan inmates need mail.

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  • A Little Smile Friends of Inma
    Thanks Michelle!!! I ll have them posted on the databases ASAP!!! Peace, Sarah FOI Moderator ... __________________________________________________ Do you
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2002
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      Thanks Michelle!!!

      I'll have them posted on the databases ASAP!!!

      FOI Moderator

      --- Michelle <mshell_32@...> wrote:
      > Hi if anyone would like a couple more pepole to
      > write to here is two.
      > They feel Pete feels being in Alaska the rest of the
      > worl forgot him.
      > Kevin is my husband and I know he has to be tierd of
      > my mess writting.
      > He also likes to learn about pepole and places.
      > Pete Enmon
      > Likes animals, and the outdoors. He is 37 and will
      > be released 12/4/04
      > He of course would like to here from females but
      > will write back to
      > everyone.
      > Kevin Wheeler
      > likes fishing and his kids. Kevin realy misses his
      > kids and loves to
      > talk about them our 6yo is D'Lacy Jaye and our 8yo
      > is Bobby. He will
      > answer every letter.
      > They said it is getting colder so going out to the
      > yard when they are
      > allowed is not much to do. so getting letters will
      > help the time
      > pass/ the addres is the same for both of them
      > C/O Spring Creek CC
      > PO BOX 2109
      > Seward Alaska 99664
      > Thank you Michelle Wheeler

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