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Edwan Thurmond seeks pen pals (open to all)

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    Edwan Thurmond seeks pen pals (open to all) Edwan Eddie is 32 years old. B-Day is April 2, 1975. He is 6 foot 1 in. tall and 245 lbs. Brown eyes and Black
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      Edwan Thurmond seeks pen pals (open to all)

      Edwan "Eddie" is 32 years old. B-Day is April 2, 1975. He is 6 foot 1
      in. tall and 245 lbs. Brown eyes and Black hair. A spiritually based,
      African American who has been incarcerated since May 2003. He is now
      in Appeals and hopefully all will go well and will be set free. ( As
      he is innocent) He is looking forward to hearing from anyone, and
      meet new friends, and legal help if that is you.

      In his words;
      Hobbies; I like outdoors activities, such as swimming, dirt biking,
      roller blading, and riding motorcycles. I also like to dance to Hip
      Hop, Latin, Country, and House Music. I love to indulge in good
      conversations with ambitious, self inspired individuals. I also enjoy
      going to the gym and working out, so that I may keep a nice, solid,
      and tone body. Overall, I am an ambitious, fun, and energetic
      individual that enjoys doing adventurous things, and having lots of

      Dreams; My dreams are to open a few businesses that are "trinity"
      based, and that will subside under a corporation I am understanding
      of many different types of investments, and once I have established
      and secured a selected market type of investments that suits my
      lifestyle, then I will capitalize on my dream of being an investor.
      I have owned a business once before for seven years, so I do have the
      knowledge and understandings of operating a business. Now, I have a
      desire to focus my energies and time into establishing a bigger
      business within "Corporate America," that will also involve stock
      holders. I desire to have a company to where all employees that work
      within my company will have the opportunity to earn livable wages,
      and grow within the company! As well as, being allowed to pursue, and
      achieve whatever "American" dream that they desire to achieve.
      Overall, my ultimate dream is to leave a life long financial security
      blanket for my generations to come!

      More about Edwan;
      First of all, I am a person whom loves life! I don't drink, or use
      any kind of drugs! I am a great listener, with good understanding of
      reality issues. I have my own hang-ups; However, I'm a good reliable
      friend, with a humbling presence. I am also a giving person, that
      loves to smile. The other inmates in here call me "Smiley."
      As far as my incarceration status goes, I know a lot of people say
      that "they are innocent," but in my case/situation, I am actually
      innocent. The victims had even came to court hearings and testified
      that they had never seen me commit any crime, because I was not there
      at the scene of the crime. I know that this may seem strange, but I
      actually got convicted of the crime. However, I am doing my appeal,
      which I believe will take approximately a year to resolve.
      So please take the time and write Edwan, let him know that we all
      care, and we all deserve to have a wonderful friend, as you will see
      Edwan is.
      write him at;

      Edwan Thurmond #85996
      N. S. P.
      P.O. Box 607
      Carson City, Nevada 89702
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