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2131Two different locations for ESR

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  • Jim Stephens
    Nov 20, 2013
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      I bought the listed unit which Neil noted was for sale.

      I had gotten a box and some parts, plus a manual and user guide some
      years ago, and hoped would be complete with my parts.

      Oddly enough it does look like with my parts i have a complete unit.

      I discovered when i got the box of parts with this unit that there are
      two sizes of manuals, and two locations listed in them for ESR.

      I had not noted that there were different sizes from reading anything
      and so was a bit surprised.

      My unit is in probably "good' condition, certainly used and not in NOS
      state, like some photos in the photo section.

      The unit I just received came with the larger size manual with Orange,
      New Jersey address. My original box is much closer to being NOS stage
      and cleaner, and has the Montclair address.

      See the uploaded images for comparison.

      Here are the addresses for those who will take note of it:

      34 Label Street
      Montclair, New Jersey

      http://goo.gl/maps/MduWm (gotta wonder if the big white building
      replaced the original 34 Label st.)

      350 Main Street
      Orange, New Jersey.

      http://goo.gl/maps/QkpTg (now restaurant and hair braids)

      both dates early enough there were no zip codes.