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  • Pat Scala
    This is in the Jan. 2005 Deer & Deer Hunting magazine: Indiana Deer Farm Faces 38 Federal Charges . It can be used to show just what big rack sickness
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2004
      This is in the Jan. 2005 Deer & Deer Hunting magazine: "Indiana Deer
      Farm Faces 38 Federal Charges". It can be used to show just what "big
      rack" sickness permeates the hunting community:

      "An Indiana deer farm has come under fire after a panel appointed by the
      state legislature toured the vacility this summer. The panel was to
      study deer farming and private hunting preserves.

      Since touring the property, the farm has been charged with 38 counts of
      violating the Lacey Act, which protects against the sale and importation
      of illegally killed wildlife.

      The farm incurred such charges as charging clients up to $20,000 to
      shoot large bucks that had been drugged with tanquilizers, lured to bait
      and held in small pens where they were shot. Some hunts allegedly took
      place out of season by unlicensed hunters using illegal weapons.

      Charges were also brought on for violation of Food and Drug
      Administration laws. The farm allegedly routinely tranquilized deer
      with Telazol and Sedazine so their antlers could be measured and a price
      could be established. These deer were subsequently injected with a
      stimulant known as Tolazine and released into a small pen where they
      were shot."

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