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RedneckReview: Ray Norton goes to court

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  • Imp Ster
    Greetings Friends of Deer - just a short update on current events - the local yokel, Ray Norton, of Ray s Affordable Painting, the clown (ir)responsible for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2004
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      Greetings Friends of Deer -

      just a short update on current events - the local yokel, Ray Norton,
      of Ray's Affordable Painting, the clown (ir)responsible for the last
      year's worth of multiple-individual canine animals breeding into an
      unregulated unvaccinated pack of thieving shagwells, running at
      large, generously and regularly defecating in our driveway and on our
      walkways, chasing baby deer into traffic etc etc - you know, the hick
      usual - indeed, the canine excrement is piled up so high on ol Rays
      doorstep that he cant help but track it inside everytime he uses that
      door, which is at least twice a day - they dont seem to do much
      entertaining inside the house (wonder why) preferring instead to
      lounge outside fatassed in their cars in their various states of ve
      (*hic*)ular undress and spout the typical poor white trash depraved
      slander and obscenities should we be so careless as to dare to use
      our own driveway while they are lurking about...

      yes ol Ray is to have his day in court.

      as does every dawg...

      the charges..? "Running @ Large", which doubtless collectively incur
      a mere pittance of a fine, a slight fiduciary nuisance, mere chump
      change indeed to someone of such obviously vast wealth and breeding
      as ol Ray.
      (who when last seen was spitting a generous mouthful of half-chawed
      sunflower seeds in my general direction as an evident matter of
      anyway, the whole court deal is more about the local Animal Control
      getting its legal boot into ol Ray's bohiney, for dog-related
      violations and complaints extending back years and into the next
      county (rolls eyes in disgust and awe) than any real improvement in
      the local situation.
      (da imp has already gave up on that beer-swilling rockape, and is
      only waiting for the fetid fool to slip and fall in his own copious

      lets just hope he doesnt have some half-baked rational of mischief
      brewing, while i am called away from the goatyard to testify, via his
      mildly-retarded hunchbacked henchman Robert The Loud And Uncouth
      (yes these people really do exist - strangest fate hath no phantoms
      more real than these credulous cretins - pix and audio on request)

      stay tuned for updates exclusive to Friends of Deer!

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